Sioux Center Dairy Queen Blizzard battles

SIOUX CENTER—Competition can be healthy, but for Sioux Center School District students it’s also tasty.

The three Sioux Center public school buildings are competing against each other through the month of November, seeing which school’s flavor of Dairy Queen Blizzard is the most popular.

Each of the schools was assigned a particular flavor by Dairy Queen to represent them at the Sioux Center Dairy Queen.

Kinsey was assigned the Snickers Blizzard; the middle school, chocolate chip cookie dough; and the high school, Oreo.

As part of the contest, 50 cents from each of those three Blizzards sold will go toward the respective school. The school whose flavor sells the most will receive an extra $500 donation.

Customers do not need to specify that their Blizzard order be counted toward the contest; all purchases of those three flavors made in November will be added.

According to Sioux Center Dairy Queen’s Facebook page, as of Nov. 14 Kinsey has 202 Blizzards, the middle school has 324 Blizzards and the high school has 252 Blizzards.

Kinsey principal Troy Lentell said the money donated through the Blizzard Battle will go toward the school’s Books For All program.

“We’ll use whatever funds we get for that. We hope we do come out on top; $500 goes a lot further than not. Every little bit helps,” Lentell said. “We’re in it to win it, that’s for sure.”

Regardless, he’s thankful for the opportunity the friendly competition has provided the schools.

High school principal Brent Town echoed that thanks, though he’s not sure what the school would put the money toward.

“If we were the building to win, at one of our staff meetings, we’d discuss what we feel is a need that’s realistic for that amount of money,” he said.

Middle school principal Jill Hulshof likewise wasn’t sure how potential winnings would be used. That would likely be determined by the school’s leadership team, Hulshof said.

“Our biggest thing was we wanted this to be a healthy competition,” Hulshof said. “I appreciate the fact that Dairy Queen is supporting area schools. I think that’s awesome.”