Dairy Queen Battle of the Blizzards

SIOUX CENTER—Victory will taste sweet for whichever of the three Sioux Center School District buildings comes out ahead in the 2020 Dairy Queen Battle of the Blizzards going on throughout November.

Each of the schools was assigned a particular flavor by Dairy Queen to represent them at the Sioux Center Dairy Queen. This year, Kinsey Elementary School was assigned the chocolate chip cookie dough Blizzard; Sioux Center Middle School, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard; and Sioux Center High School, the Oreo Blizzard.

As part of the contest, 50 cents from each of those three Blizzards sold will go toward the respective school. The school whose flavor sells the most will receive an extra donation.

Customers do not need to specify that their Blizzard order be counted toward the contest; all purchases of those three flavors made in November will be added.

Updates will be given on the Sioux Center Dairy Queen Facebook page. On Monday, Sioux Center Dairy Queen counted 317 Blizzards for Kinsey, 172 for the middle school and 201 for the high school as of Nov. 12.

Last year, Sioux Center Middle School came in first, with 659 of their corresponding Blizzards sold during November 2019. The high school had 555 Blizzards, and Kinsey had 392.

Kinsey Elementary School principal Troy Lentell said, “At Kinsey, we utilized the money to do some fun activities and treats for our staff. When we win this year, we will be able to do even more fun things to help boost teacher morale here at Kinsey.”

Sioux Center Middle School principal Eli Ellis said that any funds raised through the effort would likely go toward upgrading some of the school’s indoor activity equipment or for expanding the number of student clubs.