Neighbors talk drainage with Sioux Center

Cindy Dukes and Evelyn DeVos brought to the Sioux Center City Council’s attention issues their neighborhood is experiencing with the waterway that runs along their properties by 11th Street Northeast.

SIOUX CENTER—Dave and Cindy Dukes and Evelyn DeVos came to the Sioux Center City Council meeting Monday, Sept. 23, to talk about some drainage issues they experienced at their homes.

They live on 11th Street Northeast, by Fourth Avenue Northeast.

DeVos said debris and silt has built up in the water runoff ditch behind their properties so that water isn’t able to move as intended.

“When it rains, and it doesn’t have to rain much, it’s coming into our backyards,” DeVos said. “We’re not even getting the worst of it. On that east of Fourth Avenue, those houses are going to be flooding soon if that waterway doesn’t get cleaned out.”

In a recent rainstorm, a neighbor had a bridge wash out from the water.

Part of the problem might be due to some beavers that moved into the area.

“They’ve cut down a lot of trees, and they haul them into the culverts under Fourth Avenue, plugging them up,” DeVos said.

With the water unable to move properly, mosquitoes have been an issue as well in the neighborhood, she added.

Silt filling up the waterway has added to the problem.

“All the expansion out there in the last 10 years, it’s just silted in so bad. The year the ball diamonds went in, we had a sand beach in the back because so much sand came down from there. … It silts in so bad any time there is an expansion project out there,” DeVos said.

“One obvious step is to inspect that culvert,” said Sioux Center mayor Dave Krahling, adding that the city will look into the issue.