Chelsie Joelle Van Veldhuizen first 2022 baby

Sioux Center Health wasted no time delivering its first baby of 2022. At 9:42 a.m., Saturday, Jan. 1, Chelsie Joelle was born to first-time parents Tyler and Hannah Van Veldhuizen of Rock Rapids. She was born 8 pounds, 12 ounces and measured 22 inches long. Tyler said it’s been exciting to become parents, though being born Jan. 1 was a bit of a surprise; Chelsie was due Dec. 30.

SIOUX CENTER—Olivia has taken the No. 1 spot for girl names in 2021, according to That honor used to go to Sofia, which is now the fifth-most popular name for girls.

Similarly, Liam now is the most popular boy name of 2021, ousting Jackson and its spelling variations.

The shake-up is likely due to a change in how the website has changed how it counts names so that variant spellings of names are not compiled together.

Regardless, the list for most popular boy and girl names closely resembles what’s been seen in previous years.

The top 10 girl names in 2021 are: Olivia, Emma, Amelia, Ava, Sophia, Charlotte, Isabella, Mia, Luna and Harper.

The top 10 boy names in 2021 are: Liam, Noah, Oliver, Elijah, Lucas, Levi, Mason, Asher, James and Ethan.

Sioux Center Health

There were 260 babies born at Sioux Center Health in 2021 – 141 girls and 119 boys.

The most commonly chosen girl name was Briana, with several variations in spelling: one for Briana, three for Brianna and one for Brienna.

There were also four Sarahs (two for Sarah, one for Sara and one Saira), three for Sofia (two Sofias and one Sophia), two named Karla, two named Yasmin, two Carmens, two Emmas, two named Amelia, a Hailey and a Halle, an Adalyn and an Addilyn.

For the boys, the most popular name was Angel, which was chosen four times. In a close second were Kacen, Kasen and Kaysen.

The names for girls include:

Abbie, Abella, Adalyn, Addilyn, Addison, Alaina, Alessia, Alina, Aliyah, Amaya, Amelia twice, Anayansi, Aria, Ashley, Aspen, Astrid, Ava twice;

Bailee, Bianca, Blakely, Briana, Brianna thrice, Brienna, Carmen twice, Chantelle, Colette, Daleyza, Calie, Damaris, Danna, Daynica, Deyla, Diana, Doralinda;

Edith, Elena, Ellie, Elsie, Emilia, Emily, Emma twice, Enderlin, Evelyn, Everly, Gianna, Giselle, Gracen, Grayli, Hailey, Halle, Heavenly, Hilary, Hollis, Hope;

Iyra, Isela, Itzel, Ivory, Ivy, Jamie, Jasmin, Jayleen, Jensen, Jeyli, Jezabel, Jolyn, Julia, Kailyn, Karla twice, Kayla, Kayra, Keilani, Kenia, Kinley, Kinzey, Kollins, Kora;

Lailah, Lauren, Leila, Lennox, Leora, Leslie, Ligia, Lissandra, Lucia, Luna, Lydia, Maddeline, Madison, Malia, Maria, Maya, Maysa, Melissa, Mia, Myla;

Nathalie, Nicolina, Nola, Nora, Olivia, Payton, Palmer, Raegan, Raya, Raylan, Remmi, Riley, Rutila, Rynleigh;

Sailor, Saira, Sara, Sarah twice, Savannah, Saylor, Scarlett twice, Sofia twice, Sophia, Summit Suttyn, Tinley, Vivie, Whitney, Wilhelmina, Wrenley, Yaretzi, Yasmin twice.

The names for boys include:

Aaron twice, Abraham, Adler, Aiden, Alejandro, Amos, Andres, Angel four times, Archie, Ariel, Austin, Axel twice, Azrael, Beau, Benaiah, Benjamin, Bennett twice, Bentley, Bernardo, Blaze, Boden, Boston, Bowen, Bradley, Braydon;

Calloway, Callum, Carson, Christopher, Clay, Cole, Dallas twice, Davis, Dawson, Daxton, Declan, Dylan twice;

Edwin, Eithan, Eli twice, Elias twice, Emilio, Erick, Ernesto, Estaban, Gabriel, Biovanny, Hayden, Harvey, Huxton, Ian, Indiana, Isaac twice, Ivan;

Jace, Jack, Jackson twice, Jamison, Jared, Jayden, Jeiren, John twice, Jonah, Jonathan, Joaquin, Jose twice, Justin, Kacen, Kasen, Kaysen, Kade, Kaiser, Keegan, Keinner, Kelvin, Kendrick, Kingston, Kippton, Kole;

Lawson, Lee, Lincoln, Lowsan, Luca, Marcus, Mason, Mateo, Matthias, Maverick, Max, Nathan, Noah, Oliver, Reggie, Roman, Rudy, Theo, Tony, Trevor, Truett, Tryton, Walker, William, Xavier, Yunior.


Promise Community Health Center delivered 53 babies in 2021 – 30 boys and 23 girls. Thirteen of those babies were born in Sioux County.

Three of the boy names match up with the national list of top 10 boy names: Elijah, Asher and Oliver.

Meanwhile, none of the girls names chosen by parents with Promise match up with the national list’s most popular names and there has been no repeats of chosen names with the exception of one Norah and one Nora.

Names for girls at Promise include:

Alizabeth, Alondra, Arcadia, Avery, Bayleigh, Bethany, Cecilia, Charlie, Hadley, Irisa, Jovelynn, Julia, Kate, Leah, Maya, Meadow, Mirian, Nora, Norah, Scarlet, Sunshine, Zoe.

Names for boys at Promise include:

Abraham, Adam, Asher, Benjamin, Boaz, Calvin, Carter, Cedric, Christian, Elias, Elijah, Emmett, Emryk, Ian, Jack, Joseph, Judah, Jude, Micah, Miles, Oliver, Patrick, Silas, Thatcher, Theos, Walter, Wilder, Wyatt.