Dave Egdorf climbs for five hours

Dave Egdorf used the Jacob’s Ladder exercise machine at Snap Fitness for more than five hours on Saturday. In that time, he climbed the equivalent of Mount Everest. This kicked off a fundraiser for ATLAS of Sioux Center.

SIOUX CENTERAlthough Sioux Center firefighter Dave Egdorf is no stranger to exercise, his five-hour climb on Jacob’s Ladder at Snap Fitness on Saturday was on another level.

This feat is the equivalent of climbing 29,035 feet, or a climb up Mount Everest. The Jacob’s Ladder machine is set on an incline with users then able to “climb” up rungs on a treadmill-like loop.

Egdorf did this to kick off a fundraising effort for ATLAS of Sioux Center, where his wife, Ashley, works as an administrative assistant.

He had seen a YouTube video of someone else doing this kind of a climb and thought it would be something he could do to benefit others.

“I spend a lot of time on the Jacob’s Ladder at Snap Fitness anyway, so I thought I got to have a goal to go for, so let’s go for that,” he said. “This is going to be mostly a mental challenge because it takes five hours. It’s going to be a big mental challenge to keep on going and not give up.”

He started his climb at 5:30 a.m. and continued for the next five hours and nine minutes, only taking brief breaks to stretch.

Amy Keahi, director of ATLAS of Sioux Center, thanked Egdorf and Snap Fitness for working together for ATLAS since the nonprofit wasn’t able to hold its regular fundraisers this year.

“David’s wife, Ashley, works at ALTAS, and we have followed David’s fitness challenges for years, so it is exciting to become the recipient of one of his crazy ideas this time around,” Keahi said.

The fundraiser is continuing at Snap Fitness for the remainder of January. People can participate as individuals or in teams. Sponsor forms are available at the gym or the gym can be reached for more details at 722-2594.