Transportation director to retire

Sioux Center Community School District’s transportation is led by (front) assistant transportation director Scott Shippy and director Ken Dokter. Drivers are Sheryl Kempers, bus No. 19; Rog Kempers, bus No. 13; Kathy Van Engen, bus No. 9; Mary Brommer, Flex No. 3; Klaas Van Beek, bus No. 18; Melissa McDaniel, bus No. 16; Stephen Gibbons (a substitute for Tom Estes on bus No. 5); Jim Brommer, bus No. 14; Fred Jackson, bus No. 6; Marv Wynia, bus No. 10; Donna White, bus No. 17; Harriet Van Beek, bus No. 11; and Gary Van Engelenhoven, bus No. 7.

SIOUX CENTER—A lot has changed in the 28 years Ken Dokter has been the Sioux Center Community School District’s transportation director.

The 66-year-old started in the position in May 1991.

Growing enrollment has increased the number of bus routes throughout the years. Where students are picked up has also changed.

“There used to be a lot more rural students,” Dokter said. “There used to be four, five, six kids on farm places. Now those numbers are less, and we’re picking up more students within town.”

Dokter works with assistant transportation director Scott Shippy to manage the district’s 13 bus routes. Though Sioux Center Christian School has two buses, the public school district works with the Christian school to also pick up and drop off students.

Dokter will be passing his transportation director’s hat on to another person, as Dokter will retire at the end of December.

“A lot has happened, a lot has changed,” he said. “It’s been an interesting job.”