Sioux Center-based CFE names director

Roger Broek of Sioux Center took on the role of director for Center For Financial Education this summer.

SIOUX CENTER—At 71 years old, Roger Broek of Sioux Center readily admits only God knew he was going to be in the position he has today.

In May, Broek began filling in as the interim director for Center For Financial Education based in Sioux Center. He took on the role full time mid-August.

“I’ve been so blessed in my past and feel that God intends for me to pass that on to those around me,” Broek said. “That’s why I like to do what I do; help the hurting because I’ve been there.”

Broek, an Ireton native, said he’s been blessed through the variety of careers he’s had, including co-owner of R & R Construction, 1975-1984.

“Then in the ’80s no one was building anything, we couldn’t find work so I bought the Ireton grocery story,” Broek said, noting he owned Rog’s Food Center for 12 years before selling the business to an employee and moving on the installing windows and doors for Schiebout Windows & Doors and then later for Pella Corp. Broek worked eight years as an estimator at Farmers Coop Society’s lumber yard before retiring in 2013.

“I had all summer to play, then it got cold and I wanted something to do,” he said. “I suppose you could say I’ve been job hopping ever since.”

Broek worked for ATLAS in Orange City for four years, then ATLAS of Lyon County for three years. On the side he also had several other part-time jobs like working for Walmart, mowing Sioux Center’s cemetery, being a city clerk for Craig for four years and Maurice for one year. He also worked one year for Hope Haven and drove the RIDES bus for three years.

“At one time had five part-time jobs,” he said. “Though I kept busy, I felt it was time to slow down and decided to go down to one job. God’s plan works in mysterious ways because about the time I made that decision, a friend and board member of CFE said my name came up as a possible person to be interim director after the previous director gave her resignation.”

Broek said he had to “sleep on it” before giving an answer.

“I knew about CFE with my interactions with the organization through ATLAS, I knew some of the staff too and it’s my forte, my passion to helping the hurting because my past experience of addiction. I’m a recovering alcoholic of 18 years.”

Broek and his wife of 52 years, Linda, started a Celebrate Recovery chapter at First Reformed Church in Maurice in 2006. They moved the faith-based program that helps people overcome hurts, hang-ups and habits to Sioux Center in 2016. The meetings are 7 p.m. Mondays at the Bridge of Hope Ministry Center, 43 Second St. SE.

“Our meetings consist of praise and worship, fellowship and small group meetings,” Broek said. “The last Monday of each month we have a potluck meal at 6:30 with the normal meeting afterward.”

Broek still leads those meetings, noting he gave his testimony again Monday evening.

“I needed that Christ-centered recovery,” Broek said. “That’s why I value the Christ-centered approach of CFE.”

Broek’s role as director includes maintaining the business, making sure bills are paid, fundraising, interacting with staff and working with clients. He values the experiences he’s had so far.

“In this business, you kind of have to be a behavioral health therapist because financial difficulties for a lot of people are because of behaviors,” he said. “I’ve seen that in my own life.”