Chief quality officer added to leadership team

Monica Sedelmeier of Sioux Center has been named the chief quality officer for Sioux Center Health.

SIOUX CENTER­—Monica Sedelmeier of Sioux Center has been named the chief quality officer for Sioux Center Health.

“In an ever-changing health care environment, Sioux Center Health recognizes our ability to successfully serve the needs of our community requires that we adapt to new processes and models of quality care,” said Cory Nelson, CEO. “Our organizational structure must support the new technology, design and efficiencies required for us to effectively achieve our mission to bring hope, health and healing to life and provide quality care throughout our health ministry.

Overseeing quality had been part of the chief nursing officer’s position. With the previous person in that position retiring, the leadership team evaluated the changes in health care going forward and wanted to put more specific focus on quality, Nelson said, which resulted in the new position and giving more focus to the chief nursing officer on that department.

In trying to be efficient within the organization, Nelson said the leadership team felt Sedelmeier’s background in project management along with her experience within Sioux Center Health and certification as a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality provided an opportunity to utilize her skills and qualifications.

Health care quality historically has been a measure of outputs for an organization, Nelson said, such as noting how many readmissions the hospital has within 30 days of discharge.

“If there’s a lot, are we doing a good job in treating while they’re here?” he said. “We want to collect that data but our leadership team also want to focus on quality across the entire organization so that the people we serve are getting better health. We want to take quality to the next level — review how does it work in our finances, how does it look at the early childhood center, how does it work in home health, how does it tie into our nursing homes. If one area is truly producing quality results, how do we replicate that in other parts of our organization? If there are challenges in one part, where do we have excellency to help lift that area up? “

These changes will enhance Sioux Center Health’s communication and processes improvements along with positioning it to provide better care and services as it moves forward.

“Sioux Center Health realizes the need for a continual focus on providing quality health care for the communities we serve,” Nelson said. “We look forward to the knowledge and focus on excellence Monica will provide for our full continuum of care.”