Zomermaand at Zeutenhorst Financial

Gretchen Zomermaand is pleased with the remodeling done at Zeutenhorst Financial and the opportunity it presents to grow the business further.

SIOUX CENTERWork on remodeling the Zeutenhorst Financial building has been complete, and co-owner Gretchen Zomermaand couldn’t be happier with the results.

“I have to give my dad some credit,” Zomermaand said, noting her dad, Doc Zeutenhorst, started the business in 1981 and she joined in 1991. “We’ve really grown and flourished. God has blessed us. None of these things grow and develop without His involvement.”

With 10 employees working at Zeutenhorst Financial, things were quickly becoming crowded and more space was needed.

One of the new hires had to use their prep space as a makeshift office.

“He’d still meet with people in one of our conference rooms, … but we just wanted to make sure he had a better workspace,” Zomermaand said.

Work began in July to remodel about 1,500 square feet on the north side of the building that had been rented to Prairie Life Chiropractic.

In addition to more office space, more conference rooms were added so the business could better accommodate client meetings, which is an important aspect of their work.

They’ve got things settled for now, but Zomermaand said as they get a sense for how things work out with the added space, things could get swapped around yet.

This is the first phase of work, and only a few final touches remain.

“We actually have a plan to make a joint reception area, but we need to get through this season and not have people unable to get through the front door because of renovations. That would probably take place toward the end of 2020,” Zomermaand said. “We all need a break for a moment from making all these decisions and moving.”

At some point, she’d like to have two conference rooms at the front of the building, making meetings more convenient for clients.

All of this is in keeping with their vision of growth and the business’s goal to better meet the needs of their clients.

“We’re grateful to support the Sioux Center community, and we really appreciate their support for a local business,” Zomermaand said. “We all love working in Sioux Center. I appreciate our employees not only for working through this phase of expansion. They’re really quality people and really care about our clients. I appreciate how they’ve been willing to work in circumstances that probably weren’t ideal. I know they’re going to do a great job of utilizing this space to help people.”