Kosters moves chiropractic business

Dr. Derek Kosters completed his first week of business at his new location along South Main Avenue last week. The new building comes with plenty of rooms built with his business’s needs in mind.

SIOUX CENTER—Prairie Life Chiropractic has a new home in Sioux Center.

As of Monday, Oct. 28, Dr. Derek Kosters of Sioux Center began seeing patients at his newly completed 3,000-square foot building at 715 S. Main Ave.

“Once I got the inspection cleared that I was able to occupy it, I started moving stuff in on Friday,” he said. “Got a lot of stuff ready over the weekend, and by Monday afternoon, I started seeing some patients here.”

There are still some tools and equipment packed up from the move and decor still has to be added, but he’s settling in.

“It still feels a little new and a little foreign, but every day, it’s becoming more natural and feeling a lot more like home,” Kosters said, adding, “It’s fully functional, just not always fully convenient yet.”

Prairie Life Chiropractic has been operating out of a spot at the Centre Mall since July as crews worked to construct a new building for his business.

Kosters has received compliments on the building, a point of pride since he designed it. He said for inspiration he turned to the internet, but he found better ideas from some new dentist offices in the area.

In the designing process, he worked to incorporate plenty of natural light and to make sure everything would be handicap accessible.

With work wrapped up, Kosters’ new building has five treatment rooms, though he only needs two or three of them at the moment.

“I made it so I wouldn’t be landlocked or restricted if I wanted to grow,” Kosters said. “I’m hoping that gives me the opportunity to grow and offer some different things.”

One of his favorite new features is the division between the waiting room and the treatment rooms. This separation of spaces affords more privacy for patients, which has been of concern to Kosters.

Among the new rooms is a rehabilitation room, which is useful for those who put their bodies through more strenuous movements than what is normally required in daily life. For those who might have to lift heavy loads or enjoy going for extended runs for work, sports or recreation, this room is a space where Kosters can have the client try out some equipment to get to the bottom of the problem.

“I want to meet people where they’re at. They might be fine with their daily life stuff, but I’ve had people say that it’s when they get to mile three that they start hurting. Well, it’s hard to test that,” Kosters said. “If you can’t see somebody run, you can’t see where their form might start breaking down when they get tired or if their ankle rolls a bit. You have to push it and test it to really see what’s going on there.”

The rehabilitation room has a therapy table, a treadmill and other pieces of equipment, with more to be added.

Kosters said the new building means his customers will have a nice place to come seek healing, a place designed from the ground up with chiropractic care in mind.

Construction went smooth, though it was nearly a photo finish, Kosters said, as his Centre Mall lease went to the end of October.

“There was a lot of stuff that happened in the last week, but it went smoothly,” Kosters said. “Vreugdenhil was the general contractor for it, and they did very good with keeping themselves on task and keeping some of the subcontractors on task and letting them know there were certain timelines that had to be met.”