SIOUX CENTER—Carl A. Nelson & Co. project engineer Marcus DePalma provided an update Monday, Nov. 18, to the Sioux Center School District Board of Education regarding the new high school building’s construction progress.

The main thing he impressed upon the board members was that the site would really start to change around Thanksgiving time.

By then, city gas services should be installed — a big bonus to crews at the site should the temperatures dip again.

“All the underground plumbing should be complete by Thanksgiving for the entire basement, which is good,” DePalma said.

He expects 90 percent of the utility work to be complete by Dec. 13.

“We’re not going to get 100 percent of the utilities installed this year, but we’ve kind of had that planned for the last three weeks,” DePalma said. “They’re making good progress.”

Concrete block work at the school’s gym, which has been one of the hubs of activity up to this point, should be complete by Dec. 6, DePalma said, with more than 50 percent of it installed by Nov. 22.

Having those blocks in place means that work can then begin on getting precast parts put into place.

DePalma even expects all the concrete foundations at the site to be complete this week.

Already, crews have begun putting up structural steel frames, with more to be put up. Additionally, more shipments of steel are being brought in.

“We’ll have 80 percent of the steel on site by the end of the week, which is good,” DePalma said.

Around Thanksgiving, a lot of the visible changes to the site will be due to the installing of the steel structure.

School board member Jerod Work was impressed by the progress he’s seen firsthand at the site.

“I was shocked. I don’t drive that way all the time, and when we rounded the corner and I saw the steel, I went, Oh my goodness, there’s the school,” he said. “When you see it for the first time, you just go whoa. It’s cool to see.”