Abbe prepares shake at 712 Nutrition

712 Nutrition owner Danielle Abbe mixes in some of the ingredients for a customer’s order of tea. Abbe touts the teas as metabolism boosting and energizing.

SIOUX CENTER—Beverages and health are the focus of Sioux Center’s newest business.

On June 1, Danielle Abbe, 26, opened 712 Nutrition next to the MJ’s Sinclair at 1801 S. Frontage Road, Sioux Center.

Here, Abbe has a store with seats and booths where she can make to order a number of different flavored shakes and teas.

“Our main product is our meal replacement shake, which replaces any meal you pick or you can use it as a snack,” Abbe said. “We also have teas, which are metabolism boosting and give you some energy.”

Other options include protein bars, iced coffee and even protein ice pops.

These are Herbalife brand, a company that specializes in diet and nutrition products.

The shakes and teas come in a variety of flavors. Caramel latte and cookie dough are popular choices for shakes, while Skittles and peach sunrise are favorite tea options.

All of the shakes have 24 grams of protein, 21 vitamins and minerals and about 200 calories.

Abbe, a South Dakota State University graduate, got the idea to open her own nutrition business while in Brookings, SD. While attending university there, she worked for a nutrition club called Life Force Nutrition.

“I loved helping people have a healthy option in their diet and lose weight or gain weight if they need to become a healthier version of themselves,” Abbe said. “I decided to open a new nutrition club after college and Sioux Center was the place to do it.”

Owning her business has been wild so far, she said. The main thing for her to do in the first couple of weeks was to spread the word about her business through social media.

Although opening her business in the middle of a pandemic did bring some stress with it, she’s happy with how things have gone.

“I love it when people come in and say they’ve lost a bit of weight and feel better, more energetic and healthier since they started drinking the products,” she said.

Social media has been a big part of her business, with Abbe maintaining a page on Facebook and Instagram, both under the name 712 Nutrition.

Abbe encouraged people to check out her social media pages and follow them. Patrons can sign up for weekly drawings when tagged on either platform, and new products or deals are listed there.