New Sioux Center detention pond plans

This plan shows the proposed layout and size of a detention pond southwest of Sioux Center Health. The 3.6 acre pond would help reduce water speed and erosion as well as improve water quality if it is approved by the State Revolving Fund and Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

SIOUX CENTER—Constructing a new wastewater treatment plant has led to new opportunities to build additional infrastructure to improve water quality in area waterways.

A plan to build a new water detention basin that is estimated to cost nearly $900,000 is being submitted to the state for approval, according to Sioux Center assistant utilities manager Adam Fedders.

The basin would be southwest of Sioux Center Health and north of Royale Meadows Care Center and Crown Pointe Independent Living.

It would be about a 3.6 acre permanent pool that would range in depth from about 8-14 feet deep and could support fish.

Completing this project should result in slowing the volume of water, reducing downstream erosion and flooding, improving water quality and giving an improved aesthetic spot, Fedders said.

Ahead of the main detention pond would be a forebay, which helps get rid of sediments and minerals in the water before the water gets to the detention pond. It’d have a concrete bottom and would have to be cleaned out periodically.

Such a detention basin was planned for the area before it was developed, so it won’t reduce the number of saleable lots that had been planned there, according to Sioux Center economic development director Dennis Dokter.

Sioux Center city manager Scott Wynja said the city would likely keep it as a more natural area with grasses so that it’s a low maintenance site.

Sioux Center utilities manager Murray Hulstein said the funds for this come through state revolving funds in conjunction with the city’s work to build a new wastewater treatment plant.

“With this, when you have an SRF loan, they make the interest available to do water quality projects,” Hulstein said. “Whoever takes out the loan, which is the city of Sioux Center, they can get some of the interest that we pay back as a grant to clean water, basically.”

A couple of years ago, the city submitted an application for various possible projects that could use those funds, “which were approved for a total of $1.5 million,” Hulstein said. “Will we use all of that? We don’t know, but we are approved for that.”

It’s too soon to say when this project might begin, Hulstein said, as the project still has to be submitted to and approved by the State Revolving Fund and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. If approved, the city can move forward on getting bids.

In other matters:

In other matters, the Sioux Center City Council also:

  • Approved Schelling Construction as its contractor for the planned work to replace Sioux Center Fire Station 2. Schelling had the winning bid of $1,124,271. The other bids were close, with Hoogendoorn Construction bidding $1,248,000 and Vision Construction Group bidding $1,307,000.
  • Approved a 2.88 percent increase in salaries and wages for city employees for the next fiscal year.