Onsby Rose conducts Wind Symphony

The Dordt University Wind Symphony performs a piece at their Oct. 11 Fall Festival concert, with Onsby Rose conducting.

SIOUX CENTER—The Dordt University Wind Symphony is raising funds to produce an album, which would be the university’s first internationally distributed recording produced by a Dordt ensemble.

The crowdfunding campaign, which began Oct. 30 and will continue until Jan. 15, seeks to raise $18,000 for this project to happen. The project is using Dordt’s own crowdfunding site and can be found at www.crowdfunding.dordt.edu/project/17166.

With those funds, Onsby Rose, Dordt’s director of instrumental ensembles, plans to bring Mark Custom Recording on board to produce the recording and the CDs. The company would also assist with the accompanying legal work and distributing.

Rose said this project comes, in part, from a desire to showcase the talent of the 54 students who are in the Wind Symphony that consists of wind instruments, percussion instruments and an upright bass.

The ensemble was formerly known as the Dordt College Concert Band.

“One of the things I’ve realized since coming here is that we have this incredible group of musicians,” Rose said. “We have this incredible department of music, and it’s one of the best kept secrets in the collegiate music world. People don’t know about it, and I think they should.”

It’ll take a lot of work to get the album, called “Music Among Friends,” recorded.

The recording company would come to the B.J. Haan Auditorium with their equipment to record the ensemble throughout the course of four days, starting April 30. There’d be two three-hour recording sessions each day, with about one or two of the compositional pieces being recorded in each session.

The reason it takes so much time to record even one piece is because of the level of precision required. So that it sounds as perfect as possible, each segment of the song is played multiple times so the company can have the best possible takes to make the complete piece to go into the final album.

The composers behind the pieces are a unique selling point, too, Rose said. As the album is titled, “Music Among Friends,” all of the composers are friends of Rose. This album will also be the first time these particular pieces will have been recorded and distributed.

In addition to the CD, the pieces will be available digitally, through iTunes, Spotify and more than 200 other streaming services.

Those who donate through the Dordt crowdfunding site can earn rewards for donating different amounts. Donating $25 gets the donor a digital download code with the ability to download the album one week before the public release.

Donating $50 gets the donor the physical CD with their name listed in the CD jacket as a supporter.

More rewards are available for those who donate $75, $100, $150, $250, $500, $1,000 or $2,500.

“It’s ambitious, but I think we’ll be successful with it. The most important thing is we need the community support monetarily,” Rose said. “I truly feel that this is something we will be incredibly proud of as a community when it is released.”

He added that those who don’t want to use the website to donate can contact him for other options, such as writing a check. He can be reached by phone at 712-722-6204 or by e-mail at onsby.rose@dordt.edu.