Cleaners see business grow since launch

Sioux Center residents Jessica Mulder and Mallory Groskreutz own Naturally Spotless Cleaners with the goal in mind to provide chemical-free cleaning that promotes stress-free living.

SIOUX CENTER—Two Sioux Center women are sweeping in to fill a need in the community.

Mallory Groskreutz, 30, and Jessica Mulder, 33, own Naturally Spotless Cleaners with the goal in mind to provide chemical-free cleaning that promotes stress-free living.

Mulder, a mom of two, started as a customer of the nearly 2-year-old business and joined this past year as a way to keep the service open and available to the community.

“With soccer, T-ball, church events I had a hard time fitting in all the cleaning on the weekend being I work full-time also,” she said. “I really wanted more time with my kids and to fill that sense of being able to relax when I get home, and that made this a valuable service to me. I’m so excited to be able to help this business continue and support others in the community and area towns as well.”

Groskreutz and her sister, Courtney Cunard of Sioux Center, originally launched the business together in August 2019.

Groskreutz previously worked seven years as a fitness trainer for Snap Fitness in Sioux Center.

“Through that opportunity I got to know a lot of people in town and knew of a lot of people wanting to find a quality, consistent cleaning service,” she said. “About two years ago my sister had recently lost her job and we started brain storming what we could do and starting a cleaning business felt like the perfect fit.

“One of my favorite things is being able to take a load off our customers, especially moms with young kids,” Groskreutz added, who has an 8-month-old daughter. “Lives are so busy and cleaning can be an extra thing that adds to the stress.”

The business utilizes Norwex and Melaleuca products, each of which is known for its environmentally friendly products.

“I’m passionate about all things natural and nonchemical,” Groskreutz said. “Our own health journeys have led us to throw out countless household products that were unknowingly poisoning us, in favor of natural alternatives that support healthy living. As we transformed the way we go about cleaning, it just seemed natural to share that with the community around us. We felt working with nonharsh chemicals, too, could set us apart.”

With five part-time employees, the business services residential and commercial customers.

Residential services include mopping, dusting, window washing, vacuuming and the deep clean — behind the fridge, in the fridge, the microwave and the oven.

“We want to go above and beyond to cater to each client’s specific needs and will do our best to leave each home spotless,” Mulder said. “That could be that a customer wants us to come in and clean what we can for a couple of hours or just designate a room or two or contract us for weekly, biweekly or monthly cleaning. We want to support others in any way we can.”

Commercial cleaning focuses on cleaning office spaces.

“That’s an area we’re growing and would like to continue to expand into,” Groskreutz said, noting that’s something she’s excited to say after nearly closing the business at the beginning of the year. “With my sister moving on to other things and having done the payroll, I knew that was something I could take on and was really fortunate to have Jessica step in as a partner.”

Mulder joined after receiving a call of the business needing to downsize.

“Hearing I was going to lose the cleaning business I so dearly loved, I asked if there was anything I could do to help,” she said. “I can do the things on the back end that are done at night or on the weekends like payroll, billing, etc. that still allows me to work full time at Perspective Insurance but gives this business a way to thrive.”

While Mulder focuses on the behind-the-scenes work, Groskreutz is the main contact for learning more about what the business has to offer.

“I do the walk-throughs of a home, giving the cleaning estimates and really love that, love meeting people in the area and finding ways to best support them,” Groskreutz said.

“We’re not anything without our employees either,” Mulder said. “While we facilitate the work, they do the leg work. And we’re constantly looking for people who have a servant-based heart who are able to give through the service we offer.”