Nathan Bullock

SIOUX CENTER—Election Day is coming up soon, and when Nov. 2 arrives, area voters can take to the pools to decide who has a seat on the Sioux Center School District Board of Education.

Up for election this year are three seats on the school board, with four contenders. Incumbents are Nathan Bullock, LoriAnne Andersen and Jerod Work. Yeabsira Doornink is the fourth candidate.

School board members serve four-year terms and are elected at large.

At 44 years old, Sioux Center resident Nathan Bullock works as the IT operations manager for Interstates in Sioux Center.

Bullock went to Creighton University from 1996-98 to earn his computer science degree.

He’s married to his wife, Jennifer, and they have three kids: Fred, 21; Annie, 19; and Meghan, 16.

Bullock enjoys getting out with family and being active in nature. In particular, he enjoys hiking and mountain biking, as well as volunteering and youth mentoring. He coaches for the Sioux Center High School girls soccer program and sits on the Sioux Center Arts and Recreation Council and has been involved in Royal Family Kids Camp, extreme soccer and Tornadoes Hockey.

Question: What is motivating you to run for school board?

Answer: “It is an opportunity to continue to give back to not only the school and community but also it is an honor to be able to help guide and grow all of our kids within the school district. With the new high school, it’s exciting for me to work with the administration, staff and kids to come up with ways we can utilize this as a new tool. The past four years learning school finances and continuing to focus on being financially responsible while delivering a high level of education to all of our students.”

Q: What are the main challenges that students and parents face?

A: “With the amount of challenges and changes over the past couple of years, mental health is going to be a factor that we need to focus on to make sure not only the parents, students, but our staff. We are a growing school district that not only brings in kids from surrounding school districts but from new families moving to Sioux Center. We must be intentional in how we build relationships with not only the students but the parents as we include them into our Sioux Center community. This way they are successful in their time within the school district.”

Q: What are some areas where Sioux Center School District can continue to improve?

A: “Continue to provide and growing opportunities for ALL Students with having our Career Technical Education area and our CAPS Programs. Our Career Technical Education is going to be a big growth area for our district by providing technical hands-on training opportunities for our students.”

Q: What are you able to contribute if elected?

A: “Continue to focus on being financially responsible for our school district and community. Look for opportunities to refinance old debt to save the community money. I would like to focus on finding more opportunities and partnerships to keep building up our CTE and CAPS programs to better serve all of our kids. Continue to foster the relationship with our teachers to help figure out ways to retain and gain new talent as we continue to grow as a district. Push us to continue to be better through feedback and relationships throughout the community, Dordt, city and other schools.”

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A: “I have really enjoyed the opportunity to serve on the board over the past four years to give back to our district and community. I have seen this community come together and have passion for our kids through some tough times and good times. It shows that this community really cares for our kids and wants what is best for the long-term growth of our school district and community. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for not only the school district but the community as a whole. I look forward to the opportunity to be able to serve in this school district again.”