Growing like weeds! We all seem to understand what that means, don’t we? Some of us have seen the way weeds can take over a field or garden or even the cracks in the sidewalk seemingly over night. And sometimes, my kids’ clothes show they are experiencing a similar spurt of growth.

We usually consider our kids’ growth to be a good thing. Whether it is growing taller or maturing in the way they handle a situation or think through a problem, we consider all these signs of growth to be good things.

Actual weeds, growing or otherwise, are not generally considered in such a kind light. No matter if they come up early in the season or seem to pop up in the waning days of summer, they are a nuisance, a chore to deal with, a hindrance to what we want to see or accomplish.

Most would agree we have had abundant rain here in N’West Iowa this year. The spring of 2019 will be remembered as one of the wettest on record, and definitely one of the wettest many have or will experience in their lifetime. It followed a winter that seemed to hang around much too long, which came on the heels of a fall that was also wet. So, it seemed like everything from our flower gardens, building and road construction projects, to the spring field work and especially the planting was delayed!

However, we’re also enjoying the benefits of more rain than usual. Our lawns have stayed green through even the hottest days of the summer. While the continued mowing may be a negative to some, the green helps everyone enjoy the summer a little more as some summers the lawn in brown and dry early in July and can stay that way through fall. This year, as I watch my kids enjoy a lush carpet of green grass that feels soft and smooth on their feet, I am reminded of how a simple pleasure like that can add to great memories of growing up on the farm.

So, while the wet conditions of the last year have brought much stress and extra work to many, I am thankful for a little reminder that God gives us good things every day. Sometimes we need to slow down a little more and look a little harder for them, but they are there. Because God is still good, He is still a God of love and grace and He will be faithful.

And while I enjoy the green grass and flowers, I will also be heading to the store. My kids have outgrown their jeans again.

Minde Schuiteman farms with her husband Matt and their children in rural Sioux Center.