Where there is smoke, there is fire. Congress is filling the air — and airwaves — with smoke and fire of the left’s radical agenda.

Consider, for example, that at 11:53 a.m. on Sept. 24 the House of Representatives passed — 218-211 — H.R. 3755 titled “Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021.” World magazine observed that rather than being about health, “. . . is all about destroying the health of the unborn — as it makes abortion legal for virtually any reason at any point in a pregnancy.” The goal is to codify Roe v. Wade. The act would sweep away all restrictions on abortions enacted by the several states and leave unborn children defenseless.

Stunningly, the bill passed on a pure party line vote, with one single exception. A lone Democrat, Henry Cuellar of Texas cast a nay vote joining 210 Republican nay votes. Iowa’s 3rd District Rep. Cindy Axne locked arms with the left as she cast her yea vote!

Even though the word “women” is in the title, the text of the bill adopts nonbinary gender language. The short summary is, “To protect a person’s ability to determine whether to continue or end a pregnancy, and to protect a health-care provider’s ability to provide abortion services.” Nowhere is there a reference to a woman seeking an abortion. All persons, not just women, may decide whether to continue or terminate a pregnancy.

The gender language of H.R. 3755 is consistent with the rules of the 117th Congress that require members and committees to honor all gender identities by changing pronouns and familial relationship to become gender neutral. Healthline.com lists 64 terms describing gender identity and expression, many of which may be used in combination.

Radical? You bet.

Then there is the Build Back Better Act, better known as the $3.5 trillion human infrastructure bill, which dramatically expands entitlements such as child credits, free child care, free community college, prekindergarten for all, paid work leave, Medicare expansion and child tax credits. These programs require lots of money and are all subject to future expansion. If you doubt it, please name an entitlement that has been reduced after its introduction. With a straight face, President Joe Biden said the cost of this monstrosity is zero, which quickly became a talking point at the White House and in Congress. The actual cost is expected to far exceed $3.5 trillion, which is beyond the $2 trillion in new taxes authorized by this bill.

The leftists promoting this act know full well that the Build Back Better Act destructively undermines traditional American families, liberties, free-market economics, and work incentives. That is the point. Destroying traditional America is the goal of supporting organizations such as the Democrat Socialists of America and Black Lives Matter.

Radical? You bet.

Then there is the manufactured crisis on our southern border. Make no mistake. The massive flow of illegals across our border is official federal policy.

The Biden administration’s statements to the contrary are not credible. Vice president Kamala Harris has no interest in stemming the flow. Elimination of borders is a stated goal of the extreme left.

Radical? You bet.

From the basement of his house, Joe Biden campaigned as a moderate, a unifier, but immediately aligned with the extreme left. He, and his party, did a head fake and millions bought it.

Radical? You bet.

It will take more than one election to put out the fires.

George Schneidermann lives in Rock Rapids. He may be reached at gschneidermann@iowainformation.com.