This summer Peter and I attended church services at the Okoboji Bible Conference grounds in Arnolds Park. It’s convenient for us since it’s only a stone’s throw from our small condo. The sermon and music are always uplifting and we leave feeling we had worshipped!

However, since Labor Day, the Sunday morning services have been discontinued and consequently Peter and I have returned to our home church here in Sibley.

We set the alarm Saturday night for 6 a.m. Sunday for me and a few minutes later for Peter. We try to be out the door heading home by 7. That gives us plenty of time for the drive home, dress for church and a last-minute entrance for Sunday School at 9 a.m. That plan works well.

Last Saturday morning while waiting for the Cy-Hawk game on TV, Peter decided to put our deck furniture in storage for the winter. You may think that is no big deal, but putting away a glass-topped patio table is not something one person should be trying to do by himself. Peter asked me to just hold onto the table as he tipped it on its side. Well as soon as it tipped, it shattered into a million pieces. Not a good start for the project. We finally got all that cleaned up and Peter was able to get everything down into storage by lunchtime.

After lunch we got involved in a total of six hours trying to watch a football game played to its conclusion. It was awful. Peter and I aren’t exactly known for our big interest in football in the first place. However, since our grandkids Sam and then Katie became Iowa State University students it’s become fun.

But like the rest of you Iowa State fans, Peter and I went to bed Saturday night a little disappointed. However, we set our alarm for the usual 6 a.m. rise and shine. Sunday morning we crawled out of bed, rehashed the game, opened the drapes and looked out of the windows. Horrible fog!

We have had two cars at the lakes for most of the summer. However, Peter had decided this was the Sunday that car number two had to come home. I knew it was going to be a hard sell to convince him otherwise even with fog so thick you couldn’t see the street.

A few words ensued and it wasn’t long before we were heading west with Peter in the front car and me following behind.

At first visibility wasn’t bad enough to turn around and go back. You know, things will get better?

Well, they didn’t! Many times I couldn’t see the elusive taillights, but they would soon reappear. Keep on keeping on, I thought.

We had already missed one turn onto a back highway heading west so we kept driving north to Vick’s Corner where the fog seemed pretty light. There we turned the corner onto Highway 9 and it was BAD!

But where do you turn around safely when you can’t see a driveway until you are right there? Besides, of course, there was a van driving too close behind me to give them any fair warning so on I went.

At one point when I wasn’t able to see the front of my car, let alone a white or yellow line on the highway, I was pretty much panic-stricken. And, you don’t just stop for fear of a rear-end crash.

Then all of a sudden I could feel gravel and grass under the tires and I spotted a white line on the pavement to left of the car. The driver assistance screen on the dashboard notified me it was unable to detect any problems because of the absence of visibility! Or something like that in car talk! “Oh, great,” I moaned to myself

But we made it home in good shape and on time. Then, later, as we were pulling out onto the highway from our street to go to church, with me looking one direction and Peter the other, guess what? We almost got hit. After all we had gone through in the fog, here we were a block from home on our way to church and almost got hit.

But our other car is now serviced, Peter and I are speaking and all is well with the world.

God is good.

Connie Wagner lives in Sibley. She is the co-founder of The N’West Iowa REVIEW and may be reached at