Peter and I have taken a couple cruises over the years. And, as a result of those trips we can count on getting mail everyday!

I understand as we grow older we look forward to checking the mailbox and hoping to hear from someone, anyone. Peter and I, at least, don’t have to worry about that. We can be certain that from one of the four cruise lines we will receive a brochure or two every day!

Then, of course, there are the requests from any and all Christian outreach programs that we may have, or may not have, given support. And throw in a few bills that may have occurred and as a result of all that mail our mailbox is satisfactory full every day. Oh, I forgot the six newspapers we receive a couple times a week.

I think most companies we’ve written checks to spend more money asking us for more money than we ever gave to them in the first place!

However, if the mail was from one of our grandkids or any relative for that matter we’d read and reread that mail a dozen times and then save to read again. From our loved ones we receive a text. That’s OK; we’ll take anything we can get.

Pretty soon politicians will be looking for support, not necessarily for money, but a vote on Election Day.

I love following politics on election years, but even I am getting skeptical. In fact, we had lunch this week with one such person. He is a newcomer in the arena of politics. Peter and I sat and listened and were impressed. But I finally said something to the effect that I liked what he said and what he said he would do. But in frustration I told him that I believed him just like I’ve believed other people running for office. But once in Washington, D.C., they all change and I would expect he would too.

That’s not much hope in the system is it?

The Osceola County Republican are having their annual GOP Rally and Dinner on Monday night, Sept. 16. Reservations are coming in slowly as they usually do. I know it’s an off year, but we need to get a little enthusiasm going. At least it’s always a good meal and you can expect to spend an evening visiting with like-minded friends. People will eventually call in their reservation and we’ll have another nice turnout, but I always think there’s such a slow response because people wait for a better offer for their evening. Who knows?

Maybe my age is beginning to show.

We didn’t make it to the Clay County Fair this year. The weather did put a little negativity on the event, but not every day was that the case. Previous years the fair was on our list of things we sincerely wanted to do. We had to go for Peter’s fried potatoes, cut accordion style, maybe a corn dog or a turkey leg and then a walk through the building that houses all the latest home appliances that we think we can’t live without.

I’ve got a drawer full, a shelf full and a closet full of items bought at the fair that I don’t even know how they are supposed to be used. There is some sort of exercise machine, something to make cleaning the floor a breeze, something to make cooking fun. Who were they kidding? Me, I guess. Peter and I fall for these pitches all the time. Before we go we even promise to help one another say no to these items we’ll probably never use. I honestly have gadgets that have never ever been taken from their box.

And, oh, I’ve also got a drawer full of packets to make everything from pancakes, candy, cookies, dips to soup. And if I were to look I’m sure most of them are outdated by now.

I’m not sure why but we get all enthused walking through the lines of travel trailers oohing and awing about how fun it would be to own one of them. We also like walking through the farm implement displays wondering their use and their cost while not knowing anything about farming!

I guess if I’m serious about all this I have to admit there are much worse problems than all of this and admit life is pretty good.

God is good.

Connie Wagner lives in Sibley. She is the co-founder of The N’West Iowa REVIEW and may be reached at