Peter and I have a couple in our church that we have become good friends with.

You know, good friends to a point; friends, but not chummy. Peter teaches a Bible study class that they attend, we go to Sunday School together, the lady and I share a couple more studies and consequently we’ve all become quite close.

We share joys, worries, aches, pains, birthdays and the whole gambit of things going on in one’s life.

Peter, of course, tells all kinds of things on me in class: some good, some funny, some not so good, some embarrassing. But the class gets a chuckle hearing those stories.

They also enjoy that Peter has a good memory and consequently remembers nearly everything he’s ever learned in classes, seminars and more about the Word of God. I’m absolutely amazed at this because I can read something and a day later it’s gone from my memory bank!

Anyway, Peter also uses this ability to remember every little thing I’ve ever done and haven’t done. It’s not an attribute that I necessarily enjoy his having.

Anyway, back to this couple from our church: They also share generously from their garden. It’s unbelievable what they shower us with. And we are so grateful and love them for this kindness.

So anyway the gentleman from this couple, a couple weeks ago, was going on one of the Honor Flights given to our veterans. It’s a small thank you for what they did for us and for our country. The suggestion was made that folks could write letters to him and he would receive them sometime on the trip. As I said, it was easy because we’ve known him for a long time; there were so many good things to say about him and how we have enjoyed our friendship with him and his wife.

I sat down one night to get this letter ready on time for him to receive it on his flight to Washington, D.C. I read it over a couple of times and it seemed OK. But I decided I might want to change something so I didn’t put it in an envelope when I was finished with it. Procrastination is my middle name and it drives Peter crazy.

A week or so later I realized that my time was about up so I’d better get the letter into an envelope and turn it in.

I hurriedly stuck the card and letter in an envelope.

The envelope I found in the drawer looked to be a nice color matching the card tastefully. As if he’d even notice that!

I then laid it on the kitchen counter; face down, as I finished getting ready to leave the house that morning.

I finally remembered I’d better address it and so I turned the envelope around and here it read, “Happy Birthday, Lover Boy.”

Oh my, I nearly fainted. I like and admire this guy, but lover boy?

Obviously, it was an envelope I was going to have used for a birthday card for Peter and didn’t!

I can’t imagine what this friend would have thought of me! Maybe he’d think that I was out to encourage a relationship, you never know about people these days. Or maybe he’d think it was just a mistake and not for him. Or, maybe he’d think it was from his wife being a little cute and funny? Who knows because lucky for me it never happened!

Oh my goodness, what if?

God is good.

Connie Wagner lives in Sibley. She is the co-founder of The N’West Iowa REVIEW and may be reached at