I am writing in response to the article that was published last week on the beaver problem in Sioux County (Nov. 13 REVIEW).

I am a licensed NWCO (Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator) or in Mr. John Degen’s words a nuisance control trapper. Those who know me know that I have been trapping a great part of my 39 years in Lyon and Sioux counties, where I have grown up and lived. I have recently, as in fourish months ago acquired this new title. I was interviewed, tested and licensed by the Lyon and Osceola County’s conservation officer, Mr. Tate Anderson.

I have started my own personal business which is JB Nuisance Control. This means I am now licensed and insured to take care of your nuisance wildlife issues year-round, in or out of season. To make this clear, I cannot come remove a coon or any other animal from your property just because you don’t like to see them there. I can only be helpful to you if a certain species is causing a real problem to you or your property.

Often there are ways we can make simple changes or fix certain things to exclude the problem or deter it. Other times the options are slim such as in an evident nuisance beaver situation which removal is clearly the only option.

Since I have been trapping the area for 25-plus years I fully understand how things work here. I am involved in livestock and ag and see and must deal with the damages that uncontrolled beaver colonies can induce. This all includes loss of trees, crops, ground, due to erosion, flooding, holes, and washouts because of the digging and on and on.

I’ve removed hundreds of nuisance beaver over the years and have seen some very serious and very costly situations caused by these creatures. I love trapping beaver!

I have made nuisance work my profession and have spent a lot of time and money honing and adding to my skill level as a professional trapper. I attended a professional trappers college and have spent one on one time with some of the best in the country learning their ways and soaking up their advice.

In the article on the beaver problem, it was mentioned that another nuisance trapper in the area would help the situation. I’m in contact with the people who would receive nuisance complaints and I’ve only responded to two nuisance beaver complaints in Sioux County since I became licensed. Now we see that Sioux County is considering offering bounties per beaver, where does this money come from? Some people think it is crazy to pay a trapper because trapping is considered a hobby, right?

I’m hoping we can start to see the value of a trapper and appreciate the fact that they love to do it but it all costs gas, time, equipment, skill, food, and everything else that goes with it. There is no value in any type of fur, basically, and that has been this way for some time. These guys are out there spending their own money and time doing something they love to do for zero return. Imagine if they didn’t do that and nothing was managed! What will we be spending taxpayer dollars to put a bounty on next?

A reminder that plumbers don’t come to your door for free either. Consider me as your creek, river or pond plumber: removing one 60-pound beaver toothed/clawed turd at a time!

“The cruelest thing we can do to wildlife is not manage it.” (Fur Takers of America)

Jason Bakker,


JB Nuisance Control,