Cattlemen and women, like me, are dedicated to caring for our animals and the land every day of the year.

As a cattle feeder, my perspective may be slightly different from other producers, but the story is the same: sustainability is something that we, as cattle and beef producers, have done for years.

Specifically, on my operation, we manage the waste from cattle so our waterways remain safe and the waste is used as a natural fertilizer for our crops. Further, we compost extra waste from our operation so that other crop producers in the area can use it as a natural alternative.

Ultimately, our cattle feeding and crop operations are self-sustaining through our recycling and reuse efforts. Whether it’s through our waste management or dedication to new technologies, cattle and beef producers like me are constantly innovating and becoming more sustainable, better stewards of the land we operate on.

My family takes great pride in knowing that we are providing our neighbors with high-quality protein in the most sustainable way possible.

Consumers should feel good about eating beef, knowing it is produced on farms just like ours, by people just like us, all across America.

Kent Pruismann,

Rock Valley