This letter is addressed to Mr. David Poppema (Oct. 26 REVIEW letter to the editor) and anyone who thinks like he does.

First of all, I have just as much right to have my letters printed in a newspaper as you, or anyone else with opposing views. I know that’s hard for you to understand, since conservative free speech is being shut down all over the country. That includes public places, college campuses, the military, social media and even Trump rallies.

At the recent Trump rally in Minneapolis where tens of thousands of his supporters gathered, they were met afterward with paid protesters who spit on them, threatened them with bats and mace, and had their Trump hats ripped off their heads and burned. I’m sure some were in fear for their lives, I could name several other incidents where innocent Trump supporters were simply trying to enjoy a meal or get out a message and they were threatened, attacked or run off.

Where are our rights?

Also, when I said, “we all know they do want this impeachment and they hate our Constitution,” I was not saying the Democrats as you indicated because I don’t believe all Democrats have gone off the deep end. I was referring to the left because they have made it very obvious on both counts. They are actually working behind closed doors, not allowing any Republicans to witness or challenge their soft coup of our president. It has never been done before and is completely wrong!

And I have several quotations I could reveal from these hateful lefties that would prove that not only do they hate our Constitution and our country but they are also racist. Yet they love to point their fingers at everyone who disagrees with them.

By the way, the “we” I was referring to was anyone who has the common sense to know what is actually going on, so don’t worry, that leaves you out.

I realize since the top ranking people in our justice system were tainted during the Obama administration and the liberal media is playing in their field, it is very difficult to get any true justice for those who have committed crimes on the left and also to get the truth out to the public.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden like to say there were no scandals while they were in office. I could name several and they were all swept under the rug, because we have a two-tiered judicial system.

All these investigations they are doing on Trump are served as distractions from what they actually did. As far as ISIS is concerned, yes, the caliphate they were after, was destroyed because President Donald Trump allowed the military to do what it took to destroy them. Obama couldn’t do it because he put handcuffs on the military and gave them nothing to work with.

And now just days ago, the ISIS leader, Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed during a U.S. raid in northern Syria — a great victory! Of course, there are still some members left, but it put a huge dent in their abilities.

As far as me writing for any type of recognition, you couldn’t be more wrong. I would love to stop writing because it takes a lot of time, but someone has to stand up to the lies of the left. I would appreciate some help! I am also deeply concerned for the future of our country and children.

So, Mr. Poppema, you can insult and degrade me all you want, but as long as you believe in the Green New Deal and the empty promises from the left, I question who really is the sane one here!

Helen De Kam,