To The Mail-Sun:

Thank you Sheldon Mail-Sun of the present and past for reporting about how Sheldon Girl Scouts have served the community during the past 100 years — 1921-2021.

Our local troops are forever grateful to Julia Lind (Mrs. Roy Lind), Gert Fedders (Mrs. Dick Fedders), Harriet Kennedy (Mrs. Guy Kennedy) and Edith Koerselman (Mrs. Gary Koerselman) for their preservation of our Sheldon Girl Scout history that remembers the work of Mrs. Longshore, Mrs. Sterling Archer, Mrs. Clara Skew and so many others.

They believed in our inclusive organization of girls of all races, all religions, all cultures and all socioeconomic backgrounds that honored the work of our dear founder, Juliette Gordon Low (1860-1927) who passed away in 1927.

Only leaders like Juliette Low could keep an organization (1912 to infinity) alive when our work is not regarded as a sacrifice but in the right spirit of having the “time of our lives.”

May the Juliette spirit be with all Girl Scout leaders always!

Thanks for the memories,

Lucinda “Cindy” Talsma

(42 years),

Lifetime Member of GSUSA,

SU 314 O’Brien