One of my favorite movies ends with the line, “There’s no place like home.”

Soon afterward the notion of home became blurred when World War II started. For nations then chose to exalt patriotism, racism and industrial militarism over home and health.

Today, chasing the buck and exploiting the environment and natural resources continues to be the goals industrial economies pursue.

It’s easy to ignore the Third World where just having a home, enough food and health care is a struggle.

The world’s population will continue to grow as terrorist, criminals, dictators and autocrats strive to control the essentials which every human being should have a right to, essentials the greedy few refuse to share.

The immigration problem is bound to become worse as native populations are shoved out of their homelands by poor governance, terrorism or lack of resources.

John Lennon wrote “Imagine” as a kind of anthem for my generation — a generation lost in a cloud of Utopian idealism.

No one realized just how much work his vision entailed.

Instead, we all retreated in to the comforts of nationalism, consumerism and affluence, an affluence which comforts a minority, soothing their egos, but which robs a majority of a home to call their own.

As Dorothy said long ago, “There’s no place like home.”

But it will take generosity and an accountable world government to make this happen for everyone.

Duane Kooistra,