In law enforcement, we oftentimes become the voice for the powerless — the victims of crime. During my time as the Aurelia and Marcus police chief, I’ve seen victims struggle to navigate the criminal justice system, sometimes feeling like the system is not designed for them, but rather the person who hurt them.

We can do more to help victims of crime in Iowa.

Marsy’s Law would give Iowans constitutional rights should they become a victim of crime. This means that they would have a right to reasonable protection from the person who victimized them, they would have the right to be notified of hearings or if the offender was being moved or released. These are not controversial rights, rather this is simply common sense.

During the last legislative session, lawmakers passed a handful of bills on behalf of crime victims, which is great progress and I commend Sen. Jeff Taylor and Rep. Dennis Bush for their work toward that end.

Of course, there is still more to be done. It’s my hope that during the 2022 session, our Iowa legislators move forward with Marsy’s Law.

Brian Flikeid,