Since his first day in office Joe Biden has become a communist, not a constitutionalist.

America is now under totalitarianism now that Joe Biden has surrendered Afghanistan to the three worst terrorist groups this world has ever known.

Ninety-nine point nine person of all Democrat politicians are more or less first-degree murderers and terrorists along with Antifa and Black Lives Matter. So, it is now time for America to fly all of these people over to fight with these terrorists because I’m sure they would welcome them with open arms to fight against America.

There is probably not one 12-year-old in America who couldn’t have figured out a better strategy to get out of Afghanistan than Joe Biden did.

I really can’t say that Joe Biden left Afghanistan on purpose or for his own purpose, but because of the way he did it he sure as hell has left America under attack from the Taliban — again.

America has been in chaos since George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis and now Afghanistan is in the same chaos as America but only worse because of Joe Biden’s surrender.

“Leave no man behind” used to be the saying for our armed forces, but Joe Biden has left our men and women behind in Afghanistan to be killed in whatever manner these terrorists choose to murder them.

Joe Biden and anybody who backs up what he says or does is well on their way to becoming the world’s bigger mass murderers because of Afghanistan and our open southern border.

“The meek shall inherit the earth and the mighty will fall.” But when?

It’s all up to God now.

What say you?

Since the Democrat Party has made our Constitution null and void, we should vote Donald Trump back into office again as the president of the USA because he sure could and would straighten up what Joe Biden has completely fugged up. At least in Afghanistan.

Joe Biden, in all actuality, is now the first and only president of the USA to have murdered not just one of his fellow Americans but possibly thousands because of his decision to leave Afghanistan the way he did.

This was Joe Biden’s decision and his alone!

Joe Biden’s decision has nothing to do with Donald J. Trump

Harold Johnson,