One of my biggest regrets about the upcoming election is that I cannot vote for Kurt Korver for mayor in Orange City. Kurt Korver has stood firmly on one of the biggest issues ever encountered in our area, that being the infiltration of “Orange City Pride.”

So far, the current mayor and city council have only watched as this threat to the values shared by most of us in Sioux County has started.

Mayor Deb De Haan has stated that she was always taught to make the community a better place for the next generation.

If I were a resident of Orange City, my question to mayor De Haan would be, “Does the existence of Orange City Pride make Orange City a better place for the next generation?”

If so, how? If not, why is she as mayor allowing this terrible invasion of the community to take place?

The leaders of this activist movement have indicated that their intention is to change our culture. It would even be different if the events planned were attended by local LGBT people, but this movement is overwhelmingly attended and supported by their members from far-flung reaches of the country.

They do not look to improve our environment but to bully us into acceptance of their ideology. This blatant destruction of life as most of the whole of Sioux County and of all northwest Iowa desire, is hurting us all.

Let’s return Orange City Pride to the place it belongs — with the Pride of the Dutchmen band!

Obviously, this means we need to see a change in leadership in Orange City where all of this seeded.

Vote Kurt Korver. Please, for the love of your children, your neighbors and the generations to come!

Lynette Nystrom, Sioux Center