Iowa’s 4th Congressional District has not always been the most conservative congressional district in the country. Parts of our current district were formerly represented by much more “moderate” Republicans.

When Congressman Steve King was first elected at a nominating convention, he was told to tone down the conservatism and to run as more of a moderate. He did not. Because Congressman King remained true to himself and to his Christian conservative ideals, our district is much more conservative today than it was when he was first elected.

Why? We’ll tell you why. Because leaders lead and Congressman King is the conservative leader for not just our district, but for Iowa! Congressman King has withstood the changing political winds on all the key issues and remains a man of character and integrity. He has proudly stood for life, he boldly voiced support for traditional marriage, and he relentlessly pushes for respect when it comes to our nation’s laws.

Imagine if the 4th District was not represented by a conservative stalwart. Imagine if the 4th District was instead represented by a mushy moderate, willing to go along to get along. Someone willing to deliver for campaign donations. That is exactly who we will get if we do not re-elect Congressman Steve King.

Congressman King has helped strengthen the conservative beliefs in Iowa’s 4th Congressional District, which has in turn created more conservatives in our district and across the state. His impact is not isolated to the 4th District race, it can also be felt by the strong Republican beliefs and values held by those who compose the district.

Our district is much more conservative today than it was when King was first elected. And that’s because he has unashamedly held to the issues we care about most. He is confident and knowledgeable. He is a conservative leader, which is exactly what the 4th District needs in its representative.

Elmer and Mary Schmidt,