To The Mail-Sun:

It is time for our city fathers to really take a look what they can do to build a sense of community. They give lip service to wanting people to be involved on boards and committees but what they really means is you need to be of like-mindedness or one of their friends.

This is not diversity!

If you surround yourself with people who always agree with you or support everything you propose you will never see growth or develop new ideas.

Recently two members of the Pavilion Board were not allowed to serve another term under the premise of “gender” diversity.

I am curious if it was more about them questioning some of the accounting practices and a lack of transparency to the public.

I recently resigned from the park and rec board due to my relocation and someone who cares very deeply about this community desired that position but because the mayor doesn’t like this person he was passed over.

Might I remind you that the Bible is very clear with regards to forgiveness!

I am also curious as to why Darrell Burns abruptly resigned his board position.

If you are serious about developing a strong community then you should lean into the under-represented groups in Sheldon. How many Hispanics are on these committees or boards? What attempts have been made for inclusivity?

The council and mayor positions are elected, meaning you are to represent your constituents, not your own personal interests. I applaud Mr. Sam Kooiker for making attempts to turn things around but without creative and diverse leadership Sheldon will continue to get what it has always gotten.

Lori Anderson,

Orange City