To Hawarden Independent/Ireton Examiner:

My name is Stewart Vander Stoep. I have served the community as a law enforcement officer for over 35 years and have served as the Lyon County sheriff for the last eight of those years. Every community deserves an experienced and dedicated sheriff, and I am writing this letter to encourage you to reelect Sheriff Dan Altena as your Sioux County sheriff.

I have known Dan for as long as I’ve been in law enforcement. When I was a young officer working for the Sioux Center Police Department in 1985, sheriff Altena was a patrol deputy for Sioux County.

He went out of his way to offer his assistance and experience as a mentor, including lending a listening ear and advice any time I had any questions on how to deal with certain law enforcement issues. He demonstrated that he cared deeply about his community, and it was obvious to me that sheriff Altena had a strong work ethic, high moral integrity, honesty and a desire to serve the citizens of Sioux County.

Throughout the years, sheriff Altena and I have continued to work with each other.

In August of 2019, I tragically lost a deputy in a car accident while she was on duty. This was a devastating loss to my department and me. Sheriff Altena went out of his way to visit our office in Rock Rapids and helped me both personally and professionally to get through that very difficult time.

Sheriff Altena also leads a great team, and his staff was very helpful during that time, even assisting with calls and providing jail staff support in Lyon County. Sheriff Altena and his team embodied the meaning of a supportive community, and I am truly grateful that he and his staff did everything they could to help us get through that time. It is something I will never forget.

Sheriff Dan Altena has always served Sioux County with honor and respect. He has proved that he is a dependable and experienced leader. I strongly encourage you to reelect him as your sheriff!

Stewart Vander Stoep,

Lyon County Sheriff

Rock Rapids