Regarding Stanley Groothof’s letter to the editor in the Oct. 2 REVIEW, I believe when Isaiah said, “They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks,” he was talking about the last days. See Isaiah 2:2 and Micah 4:1.

In Matthew 10:34, God says “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” This has to be, because if Christians were in complete agreement with the world, then they would not be standing up for God. There is much evil in this world that we need to fight against.

Our country has been going down a slippery slope for many years, but never so bad as it is. We have an administration in charge who does not seek the betterment of our country but seeks to destroy it and all that it stands for.

Why would you cut off a major source of revenue on your first day in office? Stopping the Keystone XL Pipeline cost us jobs and independence. Given the fact that we need gas and oil for products as well as transportation, it hardly makes sense to stop our production and start buying it from OPEC again.

Climate Change is always their excuse but natural gas has become the cleanest and most widely used source of energy in the world. Natural disasters are just that. They are in God’s control, not ours.

Also, for Biden to allow an open border policy where over 200,000 illegal immigrants pour in every month, some with COVID, is not for the betterment of this country. The Border Patrol cannot keep up with the vetting process and so while they are distracted with all these people, some felons, the cartels are bringing in drugs and sex traffickers. Many women and children are being raped and sold as sex slaves. Where is the compassion?

Then there’s the Afghanistan blunder. This was not a case of poor planning. It was very intentional. Anyone with any common sense would know you don’t take out our military first, leave $85 billion of weapons behind, give up our most important airport, our embassy and leave Americans and Afghan helpers to fend for themselves.

They let the Taliban control the gates, so many of the Americans and Afghan helpers with passports and SIVs were not allowed and only 3 percent of the Afghan refugees that were allowed, actually qualified. Does that make sense? It does when that was your intentions in the first place. They want to flood our country with people who don’t love it and have different ideals than what our citizens do.

Then there was the drone that Biden’s defense team bragged was targeting some ISIS-K leaders but it actually killed an aide and nine others, including seven children. Oops, a common mistake, they claim.

None of the Biden defense team have resigned or been relieved of duty for all these mistakes that not only embarrassed our country, put the world in more danger, but cost the lives of 13 good, young U.S. soldiers. It was completely unnecessary and now Biden’s team is doing nothing to retrieve those who were left behind. Personal groups are risking their lives to do the job instead. Biden’s defense team is actually working against them, not allowing their rescue planes to land in any other country until they can be brought to America. Does this sound like a pro-America administration?

The only one put in jail for this debacle is Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller who posted on social media he wanted some kind of accountability. He was put in solitary confinement and could be court-martialed.

Yet when Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl deserted his unit and fellow service members were wounded looking for him, Obama exchanged five Taliban prisoners from Guantanama Bay for his release on May 31, 2014. He did not serve time and Obama did not follow protocol but said it was because of an “unwavering commitment and patriotic duty to leave no man or woman in uniform behind . . .” I guess it depends who you are!

The people now in charge want to “fundamentally transform” our country, even though millions of people risk their lives to get here. Our legislative, judicial and executive branches of government have been hijacked by people who don’t love our country, it’s history, constitution, Declaration of Independence, our flag — which they want to change — or our God.

I find it ironic that Mr. Steve Corbin’s column in the Oct. 9 REVIEW states, “The principles of democracy — capitalism, free enterprise, human and civil rights, fair elections, free press and speech, inclusiveness and equality, right to life and peaceful coexistence — are in jeopardy” if Trump and his supporters have their way.

It is totally the opposite! But that’s how the left operate. They turn everything around so we look like the bad guys. They want socialism, which is evident in their Green New Deal. While Trump made several good trade deals with other countries, Biden is pandering to them again and making us pay more.

Democrats have always been the party of slavery and suppression but yet they accuse Republicans and whites of being racist and are pushing the Critical Race Theory in schools and the military. The Attorney General Merrick Garland is even sending the FBI to go after parents who at school boards are protesting the indoctrination of their children to hate each other and our country.

Why are veterans on the streets while illegals are put in hotels with free food, health care and education? Our law enforcement is defunded and villianized while prisoners are set free and our election laws are changed to guarantee a one-party rule. The IRS can now keep tabs on anyone with a $600 or more bank transaction. People are being thrown in jail for not obeying the mask and vaccine rules. Conservative speech is being banned from social media and universities. People are being canceled for not conforming to the woke ideas. And abortion is widely accepted by the left.

If you can’t see that our country is on a downward trend to socialism, then you have blinders on. Stop listening to the lies of the liberal media. Our future depends on it!

Helen De Kam,