To the Sioux Center News:

I am writing this as I am concerned about the local dump that we use for our branches, grass, leaves and so on.

I think as people of this town we should use it as a privilege. I remember the days when there was a gate at the bottom corner where someone sat to see what you were bringing and it was also only open on certain days for people to bring their yardwork.

As of late I have heard and I have seen for myself that people have been using it as a real dump and have been dumping ovens, stoves, TVs, microwaves and so on both in the dump by the cars and at the corner.

Let’s do what is supposed to be done and bring those kind of things to Brommers and get rid of them the right way. I would hate to see a fence go up again or us not even have a dump anymore. Let’s use it like we are supposed to and keep our dump.

Paul DeZeeuw,

Sioux Center