It’s come to my attention that The REVIEW has had a heyday with my firm stance against the flying of the international transgender flag over our beloved state Capitol. One of their headlines read, “Wheelers says trans flag broke rules.” The truth is the state of Iowa has said flying the international transgender flag above the Capitol broke the rules. Not me. Not someone else. It’s a fact.

The REVIEW has also incorrectly stated my use of a term — even though they have an e-mail from me of what that term means. They stated in an op-ed that I called the flying of this flag “Rainbow Jihad.” Only far-left, anti-conservative groups around the world have painted my comments that way. I have used Rainbow Jihad before, and most everyone knows it refers to the increasingly aggressive agenda being pushed by the LGBTQ movement. I called this act “an egregious act of political aggression.” Rainbow Jihad was simply used to describe the radical, anti-conservative LGBTQ movement. They — the Rainbow Jihad — have made it clear that if you don’t fall in line with their radical agenda, then you are essentially an enemy who needs to be attacked with everything they have. If violating state protocol and flying the international transgender flag over the Capitol doesn’t show this, I don’t know what does.

The REVIEW has shown that they are a part of the growing socialist fake news media. They have been very supportive of the far-left, radical OC Pride group and have put them on the front cover repeatedly. The REVIEW has not criticized the group’s drag queens dancing in the events center in Orange City, either. However, when a former homosexual turned Christian came to speak to a group of over 75 people in Sioux County, The REVIEW was not there. The REVIEW didn’t put it on the cover. They wrote nothing. Why? Because, like we’ve seen with CNN and MSNBC, if it doesn’t fit their agenda as a “news source,” then they won’t cover it.

I make no apologies for standing up for conservative values. I make no apologies for calling out the flying of the international transgender flag, which was an egregious act of political aggression. I ask that The REVIEW correct their misrepresentation of my comments and return to reporting the facts, not pushing an agenda.

State Rep. Skyler Wheeler,

District 4,

Orange City