Poutre Home

“I’ve always loved Christmas.”

Arnolds Park resident Peggy Poutre grew up with nine brothers and sisters, and Christmas was a wonderful time of the year. It meant a real tree, colored lights and excited siblings.

“It was a lot of fun,” she said. “I think for my parents it was a struggle, because we were little farmers. My parents made it really special.”

When Poutre and Jon Payne moved into their condo along Highway 71 in Arnolds Park, Poutre decided to try a new, more modern style.

“This place is fun to decorate,” Poutre said.

She has a collection of Santas, but recently has decided to go more modern with her holiday style as well.

“It just feels more updated. I just like it that way,” Poutre said. “I like simplicity. I don’t like a lot of stuff.”

Holiday decor doesn’t have to make a home feel congested.

Poutre started with an evergreen tree and added white lights.

Next to the tree is a dark buffet table on which she added some greenery and colored gold and green balls, which coordinate with the textured Vahallan wallpaper. The oval bowl that usually sits on the buffet moved to the kitchen island, and she filled it with red and black balls.

The table in the open-concept living area is home to a tree made out of bark resting on a mirrored tray. The living area showcases greenery and sparkling Christmas trees on the mantel as well as frosted greenery on the end table.

More greenery adorns the entry way on a side table that also sports pine cones, glittery balls and gold Christmas trees.

A few more touches in the guest bath, above kitchen cabinets, on kitchen island shelves and around a decorative box on the counter make for a clean but festive look.

In the master bedroom on the second level Poutre pulled out some of her favorite pieces from her Santa collection.

“I just don’t put them all out anymore because you have to put them away,” she said.

A wooden Santa sitting on a small table by a comfy chair is Poutre’s favorite.

“I like the different colors in it,” she said, as this Santa is dressed in woodland brown tones instead of the typical red suit. “It just looks real. The way they painted it is really pretty.”

Poutre likes to decorate for Christmas, because she loves celebrating. Another way to do that is by entertaining around the holidays.

“I love having people over,” she said, motioning to the island that is usually full of hors d’oeuvres during a party and to the counter which usually brims with bottles of wine.

She looked around her home and smiled at her new, modern style.

“I think I like it because I feel like it’s totally decorated,” she said. “It does make you want to have company and parties.” 

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From the 2014 Holiday edition of Okoboji magazine