Mulcahy home offers options for outdoor living

When Dave and Liz Mulcahy purchased their home on Atwell Point it came with a name and an amazing view.

Their home is called “Our Point of View.”

“We have lived at ‘Our Point of View’ for 25 years. Our Okoboji home has been known as ‘Our Point of View’ for over a century due to the spectacular views from our point in the center of the lake,” said Liz.

Their journey with Okoboji living started with a single trip.

“We rented a cottage here for a week with family. We all loved it so much that we decided to find a place of our own and bought ‘Our Point of View,’” Liz said. “We spend most of the summer here with family and friends. The off season is a great time to see more of our friends who are permanent Okoboji residents.”

When they come up to Okoboji they love spending time outdoors.

“We spend our time swimming, boating, fishing, biking and enjoying great meals and refreshments in the outdoor setting,” Liz said. “Relaxing in each of our outdoor spaces is always a treat.”

Since they spend so much of their time outdoors, during a recent remodel of the home they decided to create some distinct and separate outdoor living spaces.

“With help from the 4Evergreen team lead by BJ Ferguson, we tried to bring the indoors outside. Our outdoor areas are designed to enjoy in any temperature, sun and wind conditions,” Liz said.

There is a patio right on the water that features a sitting area and was created with stones.

“The lake patio is a great place to watch grandkids swimming and fishing on the dock,” Dave said. “On a late afternoon the lake patio is our ‘Warm Summer Breezes, French Wine and Cheeses’ place. Saturday night fireworks viewing is perfect from the lake patio.”

Walking up the path to their house, the Mulcahys can also enjoy the best of both worlds with their large screened in porch. The sitting area is perfect for times when you want to enjoy the breezes but still benefit from the comforts of being inside. In addition to screens, there are also vinyl window coverings that can be used when it rains or during the cold weather months.

Around to the street side of the home, you find a hidden oasis.

Between the main house and the guesthouse is a truly spectacular spot for some outdoor living.

“Our guesthouse patio is perfect for a cool shady afternoon when the lake side is hot or windy. The patio is also a good spot around the fire pit in the evening. The patio is enveloped in beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees,” Dave said. “The patio feels like a tropical garden with a view of the lake. Two new Bur Oak trees have been added to connect to the historical Bur Oaks on the lake.”

The Mulcahys have decorated the spot with large potted plants, metal sculptures and comfortable seating.

“I enjoy having morning coffee, drinks, roasting marshmallows, listening to music and having great conversations around the fire pit,” Liz said.

While working on the rest of their outdoor living spaces, they also added new green areas by the front entrance.

“Our front entry flows through the new green areas to welcome guests. Guests arriving through the front door are treated to our spectacular 220 degrees of lake view. Winding cobblestone walkways provide an inviting journey around all the outdoor spaces and entrances,” Dave said.

Each of their outdoor living spaces is wonderful and it’s hard for them to choose a favorite.

“Picking out a favorite spot tends to be a bit hard. We have areas for friends to talk and relax and a space away from the hustle and bustle of the lake side. Each area is unique, functional and somewhat magical,” Liz said.

After 25 years of enjoying their slice of Okoboji, the Mulcahys are excited about the memories that will continue to be made at ‘Our Point of View.’

“After a quarter of a century at ‘Our Point of View’ the wonderful memories are too many to mention. We expect the fun to continue for new generations,” Liz said.