Rabab Koepp, owner of Rabab’s At The Lake restaurant in the Central Emporium, has opened a brand new corn dog stand in Arnolds Park. Read why her delicious corn dogs and freshly squeezed lemonade are the foods you’ll be craving all summer long.

Name & Age: Rabab Koepp, 52

Family: Spouse, David, and 2 sons, Zach, 26, and Alex, 23

Location: Stand outside of the Central Emporium in Arnolds Park

How long have lived in Okoboji: I’ve lived in Okoboji for twenty-three years.

When did you open the corn dog stand: This is our first summer owning the corn dog stand. We opened over Memorial Day Weekend.

How did you get involved with concessions: My husband and I have been in the concessions business for thirty years. Before we ever owned our restaurants, we sold concessions. When we opened Rabab’s At The Lake last summer we thought this location would be excellent for a stand. My husband is the brains behind the operation. He had the idea of doing concessions and opening this corn dog stand.

Why corn dogs and lemonade: The corn dog, from our background of going to fairs and seeing what sells, is such an American product that all people love to eat. A lemonade and corn dog doesn’t get much better that that.

Hours: Open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Busiest time: Weekends are always busiest, especially Friday afternoons and Saturday all day.

Age demographic: Everybody of all ages eats at our corn dog stand. Who doesn’t love a corn dog?

How do you like being located next to the Central Emporium: The more options of food you have at the Emporium, the better the traffic is to all businesses located here. My husband and I love the competition at this location. It’s fun for visitors to have so many places to eat and we love having so many people visiting this area.

What sets your food apart: We have always had our own corn dog recipe. What sets our corn dog recipe apart from any other corn dog is our batter. We hand mix it and it’s totally made from scratch. Our lemonade is amazing. We don’t mix it with anything else. It’s literally just squeezed lemons, sugar and water.

Difference between your restaurants and corn dog stand: We have owned multiple restaurants in the Okoboji and Spirit Lake area including Rabab’s Neighborhood Bistro, Rabab’s At Brooks and Rabab’s At The Lake. Although our corn dog stand is profoundly different from our restaurants, they share one thing in common. Everything is fresh. The same value we hold in Rabab's At The Lake is the same value we hold in our corn dog stand. We try to always stay true to ourselves by making everything from scratch.

Biggest feedback: People really love it. They love the product, they feel that it stands out from other corn dogs and the freshness can’t be beat.