Homes brighten up for the season with holiday displays

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Everywhere you go.

Whether it’s Perry Como or Johnny Mathis, Bing Crosby or Michael Bublé singing the classic carol, the words perfectly conjure up images of the Christmas season.

Snow in the air, toys in store windows, trees decorated with all kinds of ornaments.

And, of course, the candy canes and silver lanes that glow.

All around the Iowa Great Lakes homes see their exteriors transformed to celebrate the season with glowing lights.

From Spirit Lake to Milford, on the lake, off the lake and everywhere in between, the telltale twinkling can be seen starting as soon as Thanksgiving weekend.

Some keep it simple, highlighting their trees with strings of white lights, or tracing the outline of their house with multicolored strands.

Some set up Nativity scenes. Some set their displays to music for car loads of Christmas lighting enthusiasts to enjoy as they drive past.

There’s a good chance of seeing a full-scale Santa Claus accompanied by reindeer or perhaps Frosty the Snowman setting up shop in someone’s front yard.

Some may go full Clark Griswold and do all of the above. Plus probably a bit more.

However the homes are decorated, seeing so many aglow is another reason that Christmas — just like another classic carol always tells us — is the most wonderful time of the year.