Creativity abounds at the Behrens home in rural Everly

Christmas is the time for Kathy Behrens to shine.

It’s the time of year that showcases her creativity and craftiness as well as her love of seeing her home and yard lit up with the twinkle of Christmas lights.

From the couple’s bedroom to their laundry room, almost every room at Leo and Kathy Behrens’ house is lit up with the sparkle of Christmas trees and decorations for the season.

“The lights are just so pretty at night. I love the sparkle and the elegance of it all,” Kathy said.

The Christmas decorations showcase Kathy’s talents as an artist as well as the talents of some of her family members.

The Behrens own a welding business and Kathy enjoys taking pieces that some may believe belong in the scrap pile and turning them into something completely new and different.

One example of this is how Kathy took an old spring and turned it into a candle holder. An old barn door was repurposed to help showcase some outdoor decorations and even her old sled and scooter have gotten new life as outdoor decorations.

It takes a creative eye to see the potential in a heap of scrap.

And Kathy’s got a very creative eye.

Her talents extend to creating dolls that represent the symbol of the season.

For many years, Kathy made and sold elaborate Santa dolls, and while she no longer makes them to sell at craft shows, she still makes them for herself. Santas that she has made can be found all throughout the home.

Each Santa showcases just how artistic and creative Kathy really is.

“There are patterns sometimes for the Santas, but sometimes I make them bigger or smaller and I like to put my own details in them,” Kathy said. “I really like Santas because they have such nice faces and they are so whimsical.”

She also likes to collect Santas so they are one thing that helps tie many of the spaces in her home together.

“I have a Santa collection that I started collecting, I would say, 40 years ago, and it’s fun,” Kathy said. “I love to put Santas everywhere throughout the house.”

Each space is given its own identity and theme of sorts.

She has a space that features a lot of fun old, vintage items that have either been passed down to the couple or she has purchased throughout the years.

The couple’s master bedroom even gets a lift during the holidays as a Christmas tree serves as their night light during the holiday season.

“I love having a Christmas tree in the bedroom. It’s just a calm feeling,” Kathy said. “A lot of people do their main living areas but I like doing a tree in the bedroom, too. I turn it on and go to bed and leave it on.”

The kitchen also has some special touches including decorations in the glass fronted cupboard cabinets that light up.

And while Kathy does the majority of the decorating there is one special tree that is all Leo. In Leo’s office, he has a fishing tree.

“He had fun putting that together. He likes to ice fish,” Kathy said. “Leo went to his tackle boxes and he started picking stuff out and we put it together. That was really fun.”

The main areas that have the most wow factor are the dining room and the living area. The dining table is elegantly set in tones of white and gold. Gold flatware brings out the gold trees in the pattern of the dishes. Tall glass candle holders are topped with LED candles so no one has to worry about real flame, but they still provide the ambience of candlelight. The space gets extra warmth from an electric fire feature that sits at one end of the room and is topped with a winter wonderland scene.

Glass cabinets in both the dining area and the living area give Kathy a chance to create even more beautiful scenes that show off more of her collections including her Snow Babies and a historic downtown scene.

The living room also features a few trees including the grandchildren’s tree.

“I would put their old pictures from when they were little all the way up through school in ornaments on this tree. This is kind of their tree with their ornaments,” Kathy said.

She also shows off special items that were made and given to her by the couple’s sons including a nativity scene and a train.

There are touches of Christmas in every room to delight the eye and spread the holiday cheer including in the laundry room.

“It’s just fun to have a little bit of Christmas in a place you might not expect like a laundry room,” Kathy said. “Why not have a Christmas tree while you are doing laundry?”

Decorating and creating decorations is something that Kathy has been doing her whole life.

“My aunts did crafts along with my Grandma Eggers, who sewed a lot, too,” Kathy said. “When it came to decorating it was fun to go get the tree — we always had a real tree — and then decorate it. That was always the highlight of our decorating when I was growing up.”

Growing up Kathy also got to practice her decorating skills at her grandmother’s house and her parents’ home.

“I remember going to help my grandma decorate her home for the holidays and making sure we always got her aluminum silver tree up. Decorating for Christmas is something that I’ve been doing my whole life and I love it,” Kathy said.

Kathy starts decorating for Christmas right after Halloween, and while she does some decorating for Thanksgiving, a lot of the Christmas decorations go up before the November holiday.

It’s her favorite holiday to decorate for.

“I love decorating for Christmas because it’s not just plain, everyday decorations for your home,” Kathy said. “It’s just so special this time of year. All the lights and everything make everything sparkle and shine — makes it so special.”