When most people picture their dream lake home, it’s more than likely they imagine a sprawling home with a large number of bedrooms, an expansive entertaining space, and, of course, it must have a view of the lake.

But for Marc and Lorrie Boothby, that’s not the picture of their dream lake home.

When they were dreaming of their lake home, they didn’t want a sprawling home with lots of bedrooms or one with massive amounts of entertaining space. They wanted a home that would take them into the future, but they did want that lake view.

The Boothbys had the large home and were looking for something different in the home where they would retire.

After living in Moville for many years, they knew that when it came time to retire they wanted a change of scenery. They knew they wanted to retire to the Iowa Great Lakes area.

“Every year when I was a kid, we would come here on vacation. My grandma had a friend who had a couple of cabins and we would spend the week fishing and going to Arnolds Park,” Marc said. “I’ve been coming up here all my life.”

So in 2006, they purchased a lot on East Lake Okoboji.

“My brother has a summer home right up the street and we just loved this area,” Lorrie said.

As for the house that was going to be built, Lorrie and Marc had very specific requirements.

“We wanted a view of the lake, but we wanted a small yard so it was less maintenance,” Marc said. “We wanted a home that would bring us into the future and allow us to transition into retirement. We wanted to have a home that would be easy to maintain and take care of as we age.”

They picked a design for a house that was much smaller than the 5-bedroom house they were leaving behind.

They broke ground on their new 1,200 square-foot home the summer of 2015 and construction finished up in the fall.

The home has an open concept kitchen and living area that is light and bright. The walls are painted a greyish blue, and the kitchen is done in white cabinets with white quartz countertops.

“It’s actually the opposite of our previous home. It had a lot of dark wood, but we wanted something different this time around,” Marc said.

“We actually went onto HGTV’s website and picked out a picture of a kitchen and decided that’s what we wanted and this is pretty close,” Lorrie said.

They wanted the home to feel open so it would be conducive to entertaining.

“We wanted an open floor plan and a big kitchen so that we can be cooking and still visit with our company,” Marc said. “We have four kids and we wanted it to be functional for the day-to-day with just the two of us, but also give us enough space that we can use it to have everyone here at the same time.”

The flooring is an engineered hardwood that was chosen for its easy maintenance. There is also a small deck off the front of the house that allows Marc some room for a grill come summer and will expand the living space during those warmer months.

There are also two bedrooms on the main floor with two bathrooms.

The master bedroom features a large master ensuite bathroom, which is one of Marc’s favorite places in the new home.

The basement, which is framed in but isn’t finished will eventually add an additional bedroom, bathroom, storage room and family room to the home when it’s completed.

But as for right now, the couple is enjoying their new home and all the first that come with it.

They are also enjoying living in the lakes.

“We like to drive around the lakes and go exploring,” Marc said. “We love to get in the car and go.”

“We are looking forward to the summer and to be able to participate in a lot of what this area has to offer,” Lorrie said.

While they are enjoying the view of the lake from their windows this winter they are also looking forward to a time when they can open those windows, fire up the grill and enjoy even more of living on the lake. 