Lyon County Sheriff's Office

Lyon County Sheriff's Office

ROCK RAPIDS—A 59-year-old Rock Rapids woman faces an additional charge after she interfered with an attempt to arrest her on a Lyon County warrant about 12:40 p.m. Friday, Sept. 13.

Catherine Louise Peterson initially was one of the people identified when a deputy responded to a call about a dispute at 504 S. Dickinson St. in Rock Rapids, according to the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office.

The deputy was informed by dispatch that there was an arrest warrant for Peterson.

When he told Peterson about the arrest warrant, she walked away and became aggressive and combative, according to court documents.

Peterson kept pulling away when the deputy tried to grab her arm. He eventually placed one handcuff on, but she continued to pull away and tried to leave the room.

The deputy eventually was able to get both handcuffs on and escort her to jail.