Crossroads Court

An excavator from ID Excavating and Tiling of Sheldon removes the tin roof that was ripped off Sheldon Crossroads Court due to the high winds that were part of the severe weather early Friday morning.

SHELDON—Severe weather traveled through Sheldon quickly early Friday morning but lasted long enough to cause devastating damage to Sheldon Crossroads Court.

The high winds ripped most of the tin roof off the Sheldon Crossroads Court building at 101 N. Runger Ave., causing water damage to all but one of the seven business located in the strip mall in the northwest corner of the Highway 60 expressway and Highway 18 interchange.

Only one small section of the roof remained over Los Tulipanes, a Mexican restaurant located at the far east portion of the building.

Wind speeds were clocked at 64 miles per hour according to readings at the Sheldon Regional Airport, which are relayed to the National Weather Service. The severe wind blew portions of the roof from Sheldon Crossroads Court building to the Highway 60 expressway off-ramp and on-ramp. The Iowa Department of Transportation helped clear the debris Friday morning.

Sheldon Crossroads Court co-owner Derwin Van Drie said he received a phone call from one of the other owners, Steve Drenkow, at 2:30 a.m.

Van Drie was numb after taking the call.

“What do you do?” Van Drie said midmorning Friday. “The roof is completely gone. There are some rafters that are damaged. Right now we are trying to assess it. We are waiting for the insurance company to get here.”

Van Drie called ID Excavating in Sheldon immediately and the company had a crew working to clean up the damage Friday morning.

“The state is out picking parts out of the ditch by the bypass,” Van Drie said. “ID Excavating is a great company and I expected them right on the spot because that’s the way they are.”

The portions of the tin roof were moved to the parking lot close to the ditch of Highway 18. Insulation that was piled next to the sidewalk was shoveled up and removed by ID Excavating.

That made the parking lot accessible for customers since one of the businesses — Impressions Salon — was able to operate as normal. Impressions Salon is in between Los Tulipanes and Professional Ag Marketing.

“They have little to no damage to their business,” Van Drie said. “It’s weird just in the structure alone how some are really bad and the next one has nothing. We are up and at it and we’re are going to try and get it this going as quickly as possible, cleaned up and fixed up and back to normal.”

But Impressions Salon had to shut down due to further damage that was suffered to the building. Rain early Monday morning caused the ceiling a Los Tulipanes to cave in more, causing a water pipe to break. It led to flooding in Impressions Salon and the rest of the complex.

The other businesses in Sheldon Crossroads Court are Chinese Chef, Sheldon Nail & Spa, North Star Community Credit Union and Edward Jones — Dan Drescher’s office.

The National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm warning 1-2 a.m. Friday for O’Brien County and other counties in N’West Iowa.

The wind caused damage to trees throughout the area, according to O’Brien County Emergency Management director Jared Johnson, although he said he did not receive any other reports of structure damage in the county other than at Sheldon Crossroads Court.