Tate Winterfeld of It's Lit

Jason Harnack of Windom, MN, has his fireworks rung up by Tate Winterfeld, a cashier at It’s Lit Fireworks in Sheldon. A store co-owner said winter sales have been good.

SHELDON—The chill of winter has not dampened people’s spirits for fireworks, according to one local operator.

“The weather is warm and warm weather is definitely a bonus for people that want to shoot off fireworks during the Christmas and New Year’s season,” said It’s Lit Fireworks co-owner Joel Bousema.

“Nobody really wants to do them when it’s 20 below out.”

Bousema and Dan Winterfeld of Sioux Center are the co-owners of It’s Lit, which operates 18 locations in Iowa and South Dakota.

It’s Lit also has permanent stores in Mason City and at 101 N. Second Ave. in Sheldon, which is a former fueling station.

The Iowa Legislature made fireworks legal again in 2017 and amateur pyros are allowed to set off the combustibles June 1-July 8 and Dec. 10-Jan. 3, although local governments can regulate within those guidelines.

In Sheldon, fireworks are restricted to noon-10 p.m. June 20-July 5 and Dec. 17-Jan. 2. Extended time periods are noon-11 p.m. for July 4 and noon Dec. 31-12:30 a.m. Jan. 1.

Bousema noted that customers gravitate toward certain types of fireworks during the winter season.

“We see a lot more cakes — kind of the bigger fireworks where you light one fuse and a bunch of them go off — and also the mortars, you know, the shell you load them singly and you light them and they go up and they got a big bang and lots of color,” Bousema said.

“Things that have a lot punch to them.”