Glen's Sports Center

Glen’s Sports Center in Sheldon recently was purchased by Van’s Implement in Hull. The power sports store will move to Hull, but it will remain open in Sheldon until the move, which hasn’t been set yet.

SHELDON—Van’s Implement is exploring a new path with a recent acquisition.

The ownership group of Van’s Implement, a farm equipment dealership and service support in Hull, is expanding its operations after it purchased Glen’s Sports Center in Sheldon at the start of the month.

Glen’s Sports Center — started by Glen Jongerius 57 years ago — specializes in selling multiline motor sports products such as motorcycles, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles and power equipment along with providing parts and services.

So the purchase of the power sports company adds new gear to Van’s Implement’s Massey Ferguson farm equipment operations.

“We started talking about ways to diversify and that type of thing,” said Justin Van Schepen, who is the new part owner of Glen’s Sports Center. “They had a lot of good brands, a lot of good franchises here.”

Glen’s Sports Center carries five main lines: Honda, Polaris, Yamaha, Kawasaki and BRP, which has Ski-Doo and Can-Am products.

New ownership is not the only major change happening to Glen’s Sports Center as it will be leaving its longtime home at 208 16th St.

Van’s Implement will move Glen’s Sports Center to a location in Hull at 517 Brown St. right behind JElectric.

The spec building sits empty after Van’s Implement bought the structure for $775,000 from the Hull Industrial Development Corporation a year ago.

The purchase led to Van’s Implement’s interest in Glen’s Sports Center, which Glen, 82, and his son Kelly, 62, had up for sale.

“We started brainstorming of what would be a good business in there and we kind of have an interest in the snowmobiles and the side-by-sides,” Van Schepen said. “We had been doing stuff personally and through our business with side-by-side repair.”

Glen’s Sports Center’s move to Hull will not happen in the near future, though.

It will take time to make the necessary changes to the spec building in Hull. So Glen’s Sports Center will stay in Sheldon until the building is properly prepped.

“Now that we have all of that information, we are going to try and get the building done and finished up. Once that is done, we will make the move over to Hull,” Van Schepen said. “We would love to have it done by, you know, six months or so, next spring. We are smart enough to know that with everything going on, it might not be a good chance. It might be a year.”

Van Schepen understands some customers in Sheldon are “bummed” Glen’s Sports Center will eventually move to Hull. But the new location has plenty of benefits as well.

“We are pretty centrally located there. Hull isn’t the biggest town in Sioux County, obviously, but it’s the middle of the decent-sized towns,” Van Schepen said. “We are a little closer to Sioux Falls, might pull a little more customers from there. We think it will be a good move.”

Kelly Jongerius was running Glen’s Sports Center before Van’s Implement took over and is still at the store. Glen is working part-time and Kelly’s son, Justin, also works there.

Van Schepen, whose grandfather started Van’s Implement in 1947, has taken over the day-to-day operations of Glen’s Sports Center since the sale.

He was the service manager at Van’s Implement for the past 15 years.

“That’s what I’ve known for all of my life,” Van Schepen said. “Obviously, being in a family-owned business, you wear a lot of hats. I did some of the sales, some of the parts and I grew up washing equipment. That’s how it goes in a family dealership, start at the bottom and work your way up. We didn’t have a service manager so it was a role that I saw needed to be filled at the time and stepped into that role.”

Van Schepen has had total management training in the past and was feeling a push to change roles.

Being the owner of Glen’s Sports Center is the change Van Schepen was happy to make.

“I was ready for something different,” Van Schepen said. “When this discussion came up, it made the most sense. It was right timing.”

Van Schepen added the Jongeriuses have been helpful with the transition.

“Kelly and Glen have been really great to deal with and we have a great working relationship,” Van Schepen said. “They’ve been real enjoyable to do business with. There’s a lot of ins and outs of this business and they are really knowledgeable and are sharing that experience with us.”