20 under 40: Joel De Wit

Joel De Wit

Development director for Justice For All in Rock Valley

ROCK RAPIDS—Joel De Wit gets a sense of fulfillment from his position as the development director for Justice For All.

The 37-year-old Rock Rapids resident used to be a teacher and enjoys being around kids, but said it is more rewarding to help people through Justice For All.

Justice For All in Rock Valley is a ministry with a mission to end poverty and prejudice in the name of God.

The organization does this through soliciting physical donations such as furniture, clothes, household items and more and taking those items to various locations to be redistributed.

Justice For All also solicits financial donations to fund the mission.

“I am blessed to continue this mission,” De Wit said. “I get to help people who are in tough spots from time to time.”

The job was not something he sought out. De Wit attends First Reformed Church in Rock Rapids with executive director Joe Vander Zee who approached him about the development director position in 2015.

“I had no idea what it was,” he said. “God approached me with it. God has got a plan for my life and this ministry. It is solidifying for me to know that I am doing what His will is for me.”

De Wit writes appeals for fundraising and newsletters. He also plans events such as the annual auction in the fall.

Writing is one of the two aspects he enjoys the most about working at Justice For All.

“I did not realize I would enjoy writing as much as I do,” De Wit said. “With creative writing I have the ability to market and share the vision where God is leading Justice For All.”

The writing he does helps generate funding for Justice For All but also leads to the biggest challenge for him — meeting the budget.

“At the end of it I am asking people for financial support, finding revenue to fund the ministry,” De Wit said. “It is challenging to find different ways to do that but that is also fun. It’s fun finding the diversity of how the money will be used.”

The relationships he has built with co-workers, volunteers and supporters is another aspect he enjoys. De Wit likes to watch God working through their lives.