20 under 40: Jeremy Kraayenbrink

Jeremy Kraayenbrink

Co-owner of Pro Lawn & Landscape in Sioux Center

SIOUX CENTER—Jeremy Kraayenbrink’s passion for lawn care and landscaping began at age 7 behind his dad’s push mower.

Soon he was using his grandfather’s tractor to mow.

Then in his teens he worked for a landscape company.

“I’ve been doing this most of my life,” Kraayenbrink said. “I started young. In high school I worked for a few different people and then went to college at Southeast for horticulture and turf management.”

He took a job after college in the landscaping business and then took a hiatus for a few years after he got married.

Kraayenbrink and his wife, Tami, eventually moved back to Sioux Center and in 2010 he started Pro Lawn & Landscape.

“It’s a passion I’ve always had, and it’s something I enjoy doing,” Kraayenbrink said.

Although he has a degree in turf management, he fell in love with the landscaping portion of the job and that’s where he has put his focus. Trevor Kollis became a partner in the business in 2018.

The company does landscape, design, lawn maintenance and snowplowing. The partners soon plan to add seeding and irrigation.

They seek to provide personalized services to meet each customer’s needs, valuing all their relationships with customers, suppliers and employees.

“Whether you are taking a new property and making it something of its own or an old property, taking out the old and putting in the new, that’s the side that I really enjoy,” Kraayenbrink said.

Even though there are a number of landscaping and lawn-care companies in Sioux Center, Kraayenbrink said there is plenty to do for all with many new builds and companies in the area.

“There is honestly enough work for everybody,” he said. “Everybody pretty much stays busy. With the way Sioux Center is growing, there is no shortage of work. Between your new houses and your new jobs and even your recurring customers, you’re looking at landscapes that are 25 to 30 years old that are overdue.”

Kraayenbrink, who has built several of his own homes, stays busy with many smaller winter projects along with his snow-removal and landscape business.

Up until recently he had not had much snow clearing to do this winter.

“To cover your overhead and stuff like that when you don’t have snow removal is pretty difficult,” Kraayenbrink said. “But on the other hand, I do dabble in construction.”