20 under 40: Jaime Meyer

Jaime Meyer

Real estate department manager at Iowa State Bank in Orange City

ORANGE CITY—One integral part of the American dream is owning your own home.

Jaime Meyer works to make that dream come true.

She is the real estate department manager at Iowa State Bank in Orange City and helps process the documents for home loans.

It’s a job that is perfect for a person who loves to problem solve. And that’s exactly what Meyer loves to do.

“I love the challenge. There are so many variables when it comes to each transaction. Each home is different and each home loan is different. It’s not cookie cutter at all,” Meyer said. “It always feels like we are doing something new. Every person, every house, every situation is different. It’s exciting to navigate that.”

Meyer grew up in Orange City and attended Unity Christian High School in Orange City where she graduated in 2000. She went on to attend Northwestern College and earned her degree in business administration with a concentration in finance in 2004.

“I always like numbers and math, and I thought maybe about doing accounting, but I decided to do business administration instead because it gave me more options,” Meyer said. “I love to problem solve. I think that’s why I enjoy math and woodworking projects so much. I just love problem solving.”

After graduation, Meyer didn’t jump right into the world of banking.

“My first year out of college I played basketball overseas in Iceland. I was there for their season, which is September through March so I got to experience the zero sun winter,” Meyer said.

She decided to move back and worked for three years as the assistant women’s basketball coach at Northwestern before moving to Colorado. She took a job at a bank as a mortgage lender and when she moved back to Orange City in 2012, she took a similar position at Iowa State Bank.

About three years ago, Meyer was presented with another opportunity to problem solve.

Iowa State Bank has eight branches and it decided to centralize the processing for the documents for its home mortgages into one location. As the real estate department manager, Meyer was tasked with building, developing and overseeing the department from the ground up.