20 under 40: Brandon Huisman

Brandon Huisman 

Vice president of enrollment and marketing at Dordt College in Sioux Center

SIOUX CENTER—Dordt College’s vice president of enrollment and marketing thought he would be a pastor by now.

“I never thought I’d be doing this, but I do feel like I’m exactly where the Lord would have me for this time,” said Brandon Huisman, 31, of Sioux Center.

The 2010 Dordt graduate even graduated with a double major in marketing and pre-seminary.

“I figured I’d be a pastor somewhere at this point but am absolutely certain the Lord is using me in this role just as much as he would be if I were a pastor,” he said. “Each day I get to wake up and tell the story of what God’s doing here on campus. We get to do that through our marketing office, we get to do that through by meeting and visiting with alumni and we get to do that with perspective students. It all works together really well.”

Huisman said he’s the type of person who has to believe in an organization he’s representing.

“Dordt’s a place I personally experienced as a student and I had a wonderful experience as an employee as well,” he said. “I just see how God works through our faculty and our staff every day to bring out what He’s already doing in the lives of our student s and often completely reshapes the trajectory of where they though their lives were going. That to me is really exciting to be a part of.”

After graduation, Huisman worked one year for Dordt as an admissions counselor and then worked for Agency 212 in Sioux Center for two years before returning to Dordt as director of alumni and external relations.

He and his team transformed Dordt’s alumni relations program, adding alumni chapters around the country and connecting Dordt alumni in this area. He also made an impact with church relations, connecting with individual churches with events such as Day of Encouragement to make sure churches had the resources they need. Under his direction, the Career Development Center also went from a little-known resource on campus to one of the most frequently utilized services on campus for students, alumni and others when it comes to job search help, resume reviews and more.

He was promoted to vice president of enrollment and marketing last year where he oversees admissions, marketing and alumni relations. Through this role, he has helped to streamline marketing processes, bridge gaps between admissions and marketing and maintains his impact in alumni relations.

Huisman also is one of the leaders in the university initiative, which is helping to shift Dordt from Dordt College to Dordt University on May 13.

“The only reason I’m able to do this work is because we have a tremendous team,” Huisman said, counting 21 people altogether. “Anything that makes me look good is because of them.”