20 under 40: Blaine De Groot

Blaine De Groot

Owner of Top Quality Construction & Cabinetry in Sheldon

SHELDON—Building relationships is just as important as building houses to Blaine De Groot of Sheldon.

The 34-year-old owner of Top Quality Construction & Cabinetry has been able to grow his business, which specializes in residential construction and custom cabinetry, by putting an increased emphasis on customer service.

This is something that often leads to positive word-of-mouth and a customer base that extends to about a 75-mile radius,

“The work I do, if it’s not good enough for me, it’s not good enough for the next person,” De Groot said.

“I’ve probably been accused of being fussy, but we pride ourselves on what we do and if I’m not comfortable with on my own project I’m not going to be comfortable with it on yours.”

De Groot has always had an interest in building things and working with his hands.

He got his start in the industry shortly after graduating from Unity Christian High School in Orange City in 2002 and worked for a few contractors over the years, including Tom Van Dyke and Ron Kooima of Sheldon.

“Tom, I learned most of the framing aspect of it and when I started for Ron, I learned the cupboards and the trim work,” De Groot said. “Ron actually retired which is why I went out on my own.”

De Groot opened Top Quality in January 2014 and by that fall he was doing well enough to build a 7,500 shop and showroom in rural Sheldon.

However, he was not nervous about starting his own business and he even inherited some of Kooima’s former customers.

Top Quality’s biggest areas of focus are new home construction, remodels for ex­­isting homes and custom cabinetry.

“The main thing we probably do is the new homes start to finish,” De Groot said. “We basically do all the woodwork in them, we do all the wood finish and we custom-make the trim and then customer make all the cabinets and then do all the installation.”

Besides the variety of his day, De Groot loves his job because it allows him to help fulfill his customers’ requests.

“A lot of times people come to me ideas and not necessarily knowing what they want,” De Groot said. “But when you get that all together and it’s exactly what they want or exceeds their expectations, that’s why I do what I do.”